2 Dead & Over 20 Injured In Islamist Shooting at Norwegian Gay Bar

A lone gunman killed two people and injured 21 in a shooting at a gay nightclub in central Oslo, Norway. The Norwegian authorities suspect this may be an act of Islamist terrorism. The police have arrested the gunman and started an investigation, searching for others who may be involved in the attack.

According to local sources, a gunman started firing abruptly at a gay nightclub in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. As chaos ensued at the sound of gunfire, people laid down or rushed to flee in panic. Two people were shot dead, and at least eight are in critical condition. A 43-year-old man, Zaniar Matapour, has been arrested for the attacks and charged with murder, attempted murder, and acts of terrorism.

The Norwegian police security service, the PST, said, "We are now contributing all the relevant information we have to the Oslo police district and are working to clarify whether more acts of violence may be planned. We do not currently have any indications of that,"

Jonas Gahr Store, Prime Minister of Norway, expressed his condolences, calling the cruel act of terror a "deeply shocking attack on innocent people." He added, "This day, June 25, we were to celebrate love, we were to fill the streets in the colors of the rainbow, we were to showcase our community and our freedom. Instead, we are filled with grief" "Let there be no doubt. We are a community, we are a diverse and strong community, and we will never be threatened or give up our values."

Oslo district court on Monday declared Zaniar Matapour, a Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin, responsible for the murderous attack and is held in pre-trial detention for the next four weeks. According to a report, Matapour suffers from mental illness and is a fundamentalist Islamist. The attack took place on Saturday, June 25, just before the city was about to celebrate its annual Pride Parade. A district court will decide the accused initial terms of imprisonment, and he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation as part of that process.

Matapour has not made any comments so far. The police searched his home, and the firearms used in the attack were seized. According to the police, the suspect had previously partaken in extremist Islamic groups. The Norwegian security service said they first became aware of the suspect in 2015 on suspicion of being a radical Islamist. He had also been diagnosed with a mental illness in the past. Police said they are also investigating whether the LGBTQ community's Pride March was a target. The Pride parade scheduled for Saturday was canceled as advised by the authorities.

Inger Kristin Haugsevje, the lead organizer of the Oslo Pride, posted on their Facebook page, "Oslo Pride has received clear advice and a recommendation that the parade, Pride Park, and any other event in relation to Oslo Pride be canceled." "We will follow the police's recommendation and take care of each other"

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Princess Mette-Marit visited the location on Saturday. Surrounded by a large crowd in the corner of the street filled with flowers and rainbow flags, they laid down a bouquet on Saturday afternoon. Prime Minister Store and several members of the Norwegian government were also there.

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