4-Year-Old Child Sacrificed in Tantric Rituals in India

A four-year-old boy was found dead in India, with his body containing injuries sustained from what authorities believe was a human sacrifice ritual.

The boy was identified as Satyendra. He was murdered in a village in the Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, according to an announcement by the Indian authorities on June 14th. Four people were arrested in the incident, including the boy’s stepmother and a man described as an occultist.

Indian police said that the boy’s stepmother was told that she would need to sacrifice him so that she could bear her own child. Satyendra’s body was discovered at a pond in Rehsi village under the limits of the Jamo police station on June 10th. Injuries were found on his eyes, ears, and right elbow. Authorities believe these injuries were caused while performing “tantric” or occult rituals.

Elamaran G, police superintendent of the Amethi district, said Satyendra went outside to play on June 9th but did not return home that day. At around 3 am on June 10th, his father, Jitendra Prajapati, filed a missing complaint to the authorities to find him.

Hours later, a villager [named] Dhan Bahadur informed the boy’s father that Satyendra’s body was found floating in a nearby pond,” Elamaran G said. “Based on suspicion, Jitendra lodged a complaint against his wife Renu Prajapati (30 years old), father-in-law Mangru Prajapati (55 years old), mother-in-law Prema Devi (53 years old), and the occultist Dayaram Yadav (65 years old).

The police superintendent also added that authorities filed a case against the four suspects for violating Sections 302 (punishment for murder), 201 (conspiracy to commit a crime), and 34 (acts done by several people to further a common intention) of India’s Penal Code.

Renu and Jitendra were married for a year and a half after Jitendra’s first wife left him. Renu’s parents also confessed to the police that they contacted the occultist, Dayaram Yadav, after their daughter fell ill after her marriage with Jitendra and even had a miscarriage. Yadav told Renu and her parents that they had to sacrifice Satyendra so that she could conceive. 

The police in charge of the Jamo police station, Vivek Kumar Singh, said that Mangru and Prema confessed to the crime after being interrogated by the police. The authorities also found a towel used to strangle Satyendra and a few lemons, nutmeg, and other items used in occultism at the crime scene.

Recently, India has been wracked by cases of human sacrifice rituals. Last March, the death of a 10-year-old in a sacrificial ritual was reported, also in Uttar Pradesh.

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