9-year-old "Untouchable" Boy Beaten by Teacher for Drinking Water

An Uttar Pradesh teacher allegedly assaulted a young Dalit boy for drinking water and threatened the boy's mother when she questioned him for his actions.

Yet another case of caste discrimination unfolds in Uttar Pradesh, where a nine-year-old Dalit boy was brutally beaten by his teacher for drinking water from a pond in Jalun district on March 21st.

According to the police report by the boy's parents with the Orai Kotwali station, the boy had suffered abdominal pain for several days. While in school, he felt the pain again and drank some water from a pond nearby. Upon learning this, his teacher Shashi Yadav locked the boy inside a room and brutally attacked him, causing a nosebleed.

After receiving the news, the boy's mother hurried to the school and inquired the teacher about his actions. However, the teacher felt no remorse for his deeds and even allegedly threatened the boy's mother.

After this, the boy's parents seeking appropriate action against the teacher submitted a memorandum to the district collector and the district primary education officer.

Similar incidents have happened in the recent past.

On January 22nd, a 10-year-old Dalit boy was killed by a group of upper caste members over a property dispute in the Badaun district. The boy was a student of class III who went missing on Sunday evening and was later found hanging from a tree on the village farm. The victim, Gurjeet, was playing near the disputed part of the land when the men captured him, strangled him to death, and left after tying him to a tree.

While last year in September, a 15-year-old Dalit boy of class 10 was brutally thrashed by his "upper-caste" teacher for misspelling a single word in a social science class test. His teacher, Ashwini Singh, assaulted the victim Nikhit Dhore with sticks and rods and even kicked him until he fell unconscious. The boy was taken to many hospitals as his condition deteriorated. And after 19 days of fighting death, the boy eventually succumbed to his injuries while being taken to a specialized hospital.

In Varanasi, a 14-year-old boy died after he was beaten by upper-caste men for stealing mangoes and rice. According to the victim's father, Papu Ram, Gautam went to the shop of one Guddu Singh, who accused him of stealing mangoes and rice. Guddu and three others attacked him and threatened to beat him again if he told anyone about this. After the attack, Gautam was taken to a hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. The father said that Gautam sustained internal injuries, which caused his death. However, the police claimed that "No injuries were found in the post-mortem report of Gautam. He died of illness."

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