Alabama Evangelist Arrested Facing New Sex Abuse Charges

Child Abuse

Acton Bowen, Alabama Evangelist, was arrested by the Hoover police on charges of second-degree sodomy and sex abuse. Bowen — who is a founder of Acton Bowe Outreach Ministries and describes himself as a speaker, best-selling author and visionary — was accused of enticing a child to enter a vehicle for immoral purposes and having a deviate sexual intercourse with the teen boy. Shortly after Bowen was released on bond he was arrested again on seven new felony charges involving child sex abuse crimes. Bowen’s victims were four juveniles between the ages of 12 and 17.

"While working this case, our detectives developed great working relationships with investigators from the Etowah County Sheriff's Office, as well as several other agencies,'' Hoover police Capt. Gregg Rector said. "When we met with the first victim, our worst fear was that there could be more young boys who had been by molested and preyed upon by Acton Bowen. It appears our worst fears are now becoming reality. Sadly, this case continues to mushroom with each passing day."

As expected, Bowen has denied the allegations. "I have not done what I am accused of and have not acted inappropriately in any way,'' Bowen said in a press statement to issued last week." My family and I trust the legal system and the people who are entrusted with the duty of protecting each of our rights. I believe the truth will stand and I will be vindicated of this false accusation. We ask that each of you keep everyone involved in this process in your prayers."

According to Fox news, Bowen’s lawyer (Richard Jaffe) said "unsubstantiated rumors" that spread over the last few days have materialized. "Acton, until last week, enjoyed an unblemished national and statewide reputation for spreading the gospel and helping those in need. He continues to weather the storm," Jaffe said.

Ashley Bowen, Acton’s wife of three years, filed for divorce from Acton and in her divorce complaint the criminal charges against her husband were mentioned. Two of the Acton Bowe Outreach Ministry’s board members, attorney Trenton Garmon and Josh Dodd, stepped down. "It does not seem wise nor prudent to maintain my status as a Board Member for the Acton Bowen Outreach. Mr. Dodd is of the same opinion and is also stepping down from the Board of ABO." said Garmon, as AL. com reports.

After the second portion of allegations Bowen remains imprisoned and the police is doing their job in order to enforce justice. "A priority of this sheriff's office is to always protect those who cannot protect themselves," Sheriff Todd Entrekin said. "This investigation is very active and ongoing. Additional charges are to be expected."

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