Andrew Tate's Shocking Call for the Islamization of Britain

British-American social media personality Andrew Tate has long been controversial for his misogynistic commentary and when he was arrested along with his brother Tristan in Romania for human trafficking. Now, the former kickboxer and social media influencer stirred new controversy online after openly calling for the Islamization of the United Kingdom.

His views on Islam and Britain came after London-based billionaire, property mogul, and philanthropist Asif Aziz announced he would convert part of the Trocadero, one of London’s most renowned historical landmarks, into a mosque that can hold more than 300 worshippers. Aziz acquired the building through his firm Criterion Capital in 2005, and plans by Criterion said the site will also have “interfaith meetings” and “LGBTQIA+ talks.

"This building is literally dead centre in the middle of London’s historic centre. Amazing news. The only alternative to Islam for the brits are pride flags as they no longer have any innate culture or patriotisim.” Tate said in a Tweet in response to the news. “Allah is the best of planners and I look forward to seeing The Islamic republic of Great Britistan in her final form. Alhamdulillah Britain will be fully Islamic soon."

Many fans were shocked upon hearing Andrew Tate’s hopes of seeing the "Islamic Republic of Great Britain” happen.

Why islamic républic of Great Britain ? can't muslims live with Christians , plus other religions without the « mission » to take over the country?” one Twitter user said.

Well I mean you're directly undermining and devaluing the local Brit historical culture by turning their landmarks to islamic religious-cultural centers.” another Twitter user also posted.

How about neither? This is a false dichotomy you assert. A secular UK as it is intended to be. All races and religions and cultures etc living in harmony. That seems like a better and more long term plan." another Twitter user pointed out.

Andrew Tate, who was raised in a Christian household, converted to Islam in 2022 after identifying as an atheist and then briefly identifying as a Christian again. He also apologized for his past comments on Islam in an interview with British broadcaster Piers Morgan.

"I used to be an atheist and when you're an atheist, you believe that religion causes more problems than it fixes. And then you come to a realization and you start to learn the truth [about] yourself and the truth of God.” Tate said during the interview. “And you realize that religion is the cure for most of the problems in the world, and 'Godlessness' is the [actual] problem in the world."

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