Anti-Islam Message on Pizza Receipt Leads to Police Investigation in Malays

Authorities in Malaysia have started investigations over a Domino’s Pizza receipt, which reportedly contained a derogatory message mocking Islam.

Kamarul Rizal Jenal, a police superintendent for the Barat Daya police department, said police received reports of the incident, allegedly occurring around 3:05 PM on May 15th.

A picture of the receipt was also circulated on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday (May 16) morning. We received a report over the picture, words insulting Islam. The incident allegedly occurred at Kenari Avenue, Bayan Lepas, Penang," Jenal said in a statement on May 16th.

Jenal received that the order was received through a Domino’s Pizza app and included insulting words in the remarks section of the order.

"We have opened investigations for hurting religious feelings and using insulting or abusive words with intent to provoke a breach of peace under Section 298 of the Penal Code and Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act,” Jenal said. "We also urge the public to refrain from speculation which could threaten public order,"

Domino’s Pizza also released a statement on May 16th condemning the incident, adding that it lodged a police report over the insulting comments.

"We do not tolerate discrimination or aggression of any kind, whether directed at our team, our customers, or those in our community," the statement read. 

The restaurant chain added that appropriate measures have been taken against the customer and the staff involved.

"We are deeply disappointed that a customer made a hurtful and disrespectful comment when placing their order.” Domino’s also said. “We are also disappointed that one of our team members thought it was appropriate to share this online, including the customer’s personal information."

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