Artist Depicts Kim Kardashian as God and Stirs Controversy

Kim Kardashian

New York based artist Hannah Kunkle believes reality star Kim Kardashian is so famous today that she is equivalent to God and so the 23-year-old Kunkle decided to depict Kardashian in various godlike avatars, a decision that has led to much criticism from different quarters. Kunkle’s exhibition titled The Passion of Kim Kardashian was hosted in Bushwick but it garnered attention from different places.

For her exhibition, Kunkle cleverly photoshopped pictures of Kardashian to portray her as Goddess Kali, Joan of Arc, Virgin Mary and Satan among many others. In fact, Kardashian’s son North West and husband Kanye West are seen in some of the pictures as well. Through her controversial exhibition, Kunkle, who is an ardent fan of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, wants to tell the world that Kim Kardashian is indeed omnipresent even though most people do not like to accept that.

“Kim Kardashian is the subject of this series because she is someone I and many others are fascinated with without even sometimes knowing why. She is everywhere we look and knowledge of the ins and outs of her life is almost unavoidable... Kim Kardashian has such a strange version of fame. We don't totally understand what makes her so fascinating,” said Kunkle.

Father Michael Perry from Our Lady of Refuge Church in Flatbrush was flabbergasted with Kunkle’s exhibition, calling it dumb and stupid. According to him, everyone knows who Kardashian is and what it is that makes her famous.
In response to the backlash that her artwork has generated, Kunkle said it is rather hilarious how everyone is getting perturbed over something that they are not even willing to accept. She also stood by her opinion that Kardashian is the God of pop culture while reiterating her admiration for the reality star.

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