Atheist Kicked Off Egyptian Show


An Egyptian television host gave the boot to an atheist on public television with a recommendation that the atheist get psychiatric treatment.

The atheist, Mohammed Hashem, was invited on the Alhadath Alyoun TV studio in order to participate in a debate with the former Deputy Sheilh at Al-Azhur named Mahmoud Ashour. Hashem stated, on the program, that there is no scientific evidence of God.

He went on to discuss standard Big Bang cosmology, when Sheikh Ashour began to hurl a flurry of ad hominem attacks at Hashem to counter the claims. The Alhadath Alyoun TV host, Mahmoud Abd Al-Halim, recommended that

Hashem get psychiatric treatment. At which point, Al-Halim suggested that Hashem leave the studio. Al-Halim, the host, then said to the audience that he is sorry for subjecting the audience to “inappropriate” and “destructive ideas” on air.

Some of the dialogue went as follows:

Mohammad Hashem: "I'm an atheist, which means I don't believe in the existence of God. I don't believe in Him."

Mahmoud Ashour: "What? What was that?"

Mohammad Hashem: "I'm an atheist, which means I don't believe in the existence of God. I don't believe in Him. That's what atheism means. I don't need religion to have moral values or to be a productive member of society."


Mahmoud Ashour: "Why did you become an atheist?"

Mohammad Hashem: "Because there is no scientific evidence for the existence of God."

Mahmoud Abd Al-Halim: "How can you say that? Who created you? Who made you exist as a human being?"

Mahmoud Ashour: "Do you know how you were created?"

Mohammad Hashem: "There are many theories explaining our existence on this planet..."

Mahmoud Ashour: "I'm asking you a question. How did you become a human being?"

Mahmoud Abd Al-Halim: "How come you exist in this universe?"

Mohammad Hashem: "Okay, let me explain. There are theories that try to explain our existence. One theory is that God created us. Okay? But there are other theories, with much more evidence, like the Big Bang theory..."

Mahmoud Abd Al-Halim: "Speak Arabic! You are in Egypt, and you are addressing simple people, so don't use big words for no reason."

Mohammad Hashem: "I'm using these terms because science is conducted in English..."

Mahmoud Abd Al-Halim: "What science are you talking about?


"You are confused and unreliable. You deny the existence of God and reject our religion and principles..."

Mohammad Hashem: "Is this so bad?"

Mahmoud Abd Al-Halim: "Of course. You come here to talk about a certain idea, but have nothing to offer. You offer atheism! You offer heresy! I apologize to the viewers for having an Egyptian of this kind on our show.

I'm sorry, Mohammad, but you cannot stay with us on the show, because your ideas are inappropriate, I'm sad to say. We cannot promote such destructive ideas. You have not uttered a single convincing word."


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