Atheist Republic News Summary: Baby Stoned by Cleric, Sherif Gaber Missing

AR Summary May 5

Egyptian Government: Free Sharif Gaber - Sign the Petition!

Infanticide is still a big problem in Pakistan as 345 babies were found in garbage piles, mostly containing girls. A baby was found on the doorstep of a mosque and stoned to death.

Popular Bollywood actress, Swara Bhaskar, is under fire for posting her outrage over a rape of a child in a Hindu temple. People are starting to call her a hypocrite due to comments she’s made in the past.

Niloofar Rahmani, Afghanistan’s first female pilot, has been granted asylum in the US after it was determined her life would be in danger if she returned home. She was targeted by the Taliban and sent death threats to avenge her family’s honour.

Bill Dunn, an ex-atheist, has written an article asking how a doctor could possibly be an atheist. As more misinformation about atheism is spread through religious outlets, this article fires back.

A Texas teen was arrested for plotting to shoot people in a Dallas mall. He stated that he was inspired by Isis and wanted to please Allah by killing the kuffar.

Women in Iran have disguised themselves as men so they could attend a football game in a stadium. Women are often denied entry to sporting events at the gates.

Australian Cardinal George Pell will be tried for the sexual offences he is being accused of. The worst of all charges have been dropped, but he has pleaded not guilty to the rest.

Australia finally has same-sex marriage rights and the Uniting Church in Australia may be opening their doors to allow same-sex weddings in their churches. Research has shown that anti-LGBT rhetoric is harmful to the lives of those in the community.

Mat Staver from the Liberty Council has stated that we could be just a few months away from ending abortion rights and same-sex marriage. If the next appointed judge is like Scalia, many people could be at risk of losing their rights.

Egyptian YouTuber, Sherif Gaber, has gone missing after being held by authorities at the airport. The IHEU is looking to confirm that he’s been arrested and assist him.

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