Atheist Republic News Summary: France Battles "Islamist Infiltration" by...

  • France Battles "Islamist Infiltration" by Suing Lying Student in Hijab Row

Location: France 

In a stark defense of French secularism, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has announced the government's intention to sue a high school student for falsely accusing a principal of assault, following a confrontation over her headscarf at Maurice Ravel Lycée school in eastern Paris. The accusation led to the principal's resignation after he received death threats, highlighting the tension between France's secular laws and its Muslim community. Attal's firm stance, "The state … will always stand with these officials, those who are on the frontline faced with these breaches of secularism, these attempts of Islamist entryism in our education establishments," underscores the government's commitment to upholding laïcité amid rising concerns over Islamist threats. This incident not only reflects the ongoing debate over religious symbols in French state institutions but also the challenges faced by educators in navigating these contentious waters, further strained by recent Islamist attacks against teachers.

  • The "Allah Socks" Blasphemy Scandal That Is Rocking Malaysia

Location: Malaysia 

The sale of socks featuring the word "Allah" at a KK Super Mart convenience store on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has sparked outrage among the country's Muslim majority. The store's CEO, Chai Kee Kan, and other executives were charged in court with "deliberately intending to hurt...religious feelings" over the incident. According to Malaysia's religious affairs minister Mohamad Na'im Mokhtar, the association of the word "Allah", which Muslims see as referring to their creator, with feet is highly insulting, stating "the act of putting Allah at our feet is an insult." The case drew a rare rebuke from Malaysia's King, who called for an investigation and "strict action" against any guilty parties. Malaysia is a multicultural country, but religious issues remain highly sensitive, highlighted by this controversy over just 14 pairs of the offending socks sold during the fasting month of Ramadan.

  • Stoning & Crucifixion: Yemeni Houthis Sentence 9 to Death for Homosexuality

Location: Yemeni 

The Houthi rebel group, the Islamist political and military organization that controls large parts of Yemen including the capital Sana’’a, has sentenced nine men to death, including by the horrific punishments of stoning and crucifixion, on dubious charges of homosexuality. This is the latest in a series of mass trials and harsh punishments targeting the LGBT community in Houthi-controlled territories - just two months after the group sentenced 13 other men to death for being gay. According to Niku Jafarnia, the Yemen and Bahrain researcher for Human Rights Watch, "The Houthis are handing down death sentences and subjecting men to public mistreatment without a semblance of due process. The Houthis are using these cruel measures to distract from their failure to govern and provide people in their territories with basic needs." HRW's review found serious violations of Yemeni due process, including police failing to provide arrest warrants and unlawfully confiscating the men's phones, underscoring the Houthis' "abhorrent disregard for the rule of law" as they ruthlessly crack down on LGBT individuals in areas under their brutal control.

  • For 'Insulting The Prophet,' Iran Condemns 64-Year-Old to Public Hanging

Location: Iran

In a chilling display of the harsh penalties faced by those challenging the Iranian regime, 64-year-old Shahriar Bayat was sentenced to public hanging for "insulting the Prophet," a charge stemming from his participation in the 2022 protests ignited by the death of Mahsa Amini. Bayat, arrested amidst the widespread unrest for initially "propaganda against the regime, insulting Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and spreading falsehoods on social media," was later condemned for his social media posts preceding the protests. This verdict underscores the relentless crackdown by the Tehran Criminal Court on dissent, as Bayat's sentence adds to the grim tally of over 800 individuals executed last year, underscoring the regime's brutal suppression of free speech and protest. His death sentence is the latest in a series of death sentences handed down by the Iranian government to those arrested for their involvement in the demonstrations, highlighting a relentless pursuit to quell any opposition through the most extreme measures.

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