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  • Iran Shamelessly Exploits US Palestine Protests to Cover Up Crackdown

Location: Iran, United States

The Islamic Republic regime in Iran is cynically exploiting the recent surge of student-led, pro-Palestinian protests and sit-ins across the United States and other Western countries in a blatant attempt to bolster its crumbling international reputation. While 150 members of Iran's parliament voiced support for the American student movement, and universities like Shiraz University offered to host expelled protesters, this rings entirely hollow given the regime's brutal crackdown on domestic dissent. Iran International noted that "Khamenei may be the worst-placed leader to address the issue" after he took to X to proclaim "In Western countries...people are coming out in huge numbers to chant slogans against Israel and America. US and Israel's reputation has been ruined." This hollow grandstanding ignores the regime's vicious suppression of free speech within Iran's borders. As pro-Palestinian rallies raged in the West, the Iranian state media co-opted protest slogans and imagery in a propagandistic attempt to falsely depict support for the movement. However, many Iranians called out this "astounding hypocrisy" of a regime that imprisons its own students and academics for expressing dissent, while praising their American counterparts. 

  • Leak: Iranian Forces Sexually Violated 16-Year-old Protester Before Killing

Location: Iran

A shocking leaked document has exposed the sadistic brutality inflicted upon 16-year-old Nika Shakarami by Iranian security forces during the nationwide Woman, Life, Freedom protests that erupted in September 2022 after the death of Mahsa Amini in morality police custody. The classified 322-page file contained testimonies from members of Team 12 who arrested Shakarami at an anti-government protest over Amini's killing and Iran's repressive hijab laws. The disturbing details reveal Shakarami was sexually assaulted by the operatives after being detained, with one named Sadegh Monjazy admitting he felt "aroused" while sitting on the teenager and putting his hand inside her trousers. The situation then devolved into a brutal murder, with one haunting excerpt stating: "He doesn't know... who [was doing it], but he could hear... the baton hitting the accused [Nika]... 'I started to kick and punch but really didn't know if I was hitting our guys or the accused.'" After bludgeoning the 16-year-old protester to death with batons, Team 12 was ordered by a senior IRGC official to dump Shakarami's lifeless body on the street in a brazen cover-up attempt. This directly contradicted the regime's initial lies that she had committed suicide by jumping off a building. The leaked evidence lays bare the regime's disregard for human life in its efforts to violently suppress dissent against its repressive laws and actions.

  • Islamists March for Caliphate in Germany; Sparking Backlash

Location: Germany

Tensions flared in Germany as over a thousand protesters, primarily men, marched through Hamburg on April 27th, with some calling for the establishment of an Islamic "caliphate" in the country. What began as a protest against anti-Muslim discrimination took a radical turn, with the organizer from the group Muslim Interaktiv arguing Germany needs a "righteous caliphate" to address media misrepresentation of Muslims. Amid chants of "Allahu akbar" and signs reading "Caliphate is the solution," the crowd was urged by Muslim Interaktiv's leader Joe Adade Boateng that a caliphate system is necessary, stating "Germany needs a 'righteous caliphate'" to remedy the alleged issue. The provocative demonstration stoked backlash, with a Green MP denouncing Muslim Interaktiv as "not only very dangerous but also a completely marginal group" exploiting "the Gaza issue" to gain support.

  • Muslim Teacher's Rant: UK Will Be "Replaced" By His Faith, Gets Fired

Location: United Kingdom

A Muslim teacher in the UK has been indefinitely banned from teaching after making inflammatory comments that Britain and other European nations will be "replaced" by Muslims due to higher birth rates. Aqib Khan, 30, was found to have undermined "fundamental British values" like "individual liberty and mutual respect" by a Teaching Regulation Agency panel. Among the proven comments, Khan bizarrely claimed "having a baby over 30 was worse than a cousin marriage and that the child will most likely have disabilities." He also ominously warned that "by 2050 the whole of UK, France, and Germany will look like Birmingham" due to increasing Muslim populations, stating: "If you believe in feminism, if you believe in aborting're going to get replaced by Muslims even faster; they will replace you even faster." The inflammatory rant about Muslims supposedly "replacing" those with "traditional values > liberalism" was deemed unacceptable professional conduct that could bring the teaching profession into disrepute.

  • Canadian PM Slammed for Pushing 'Sharia-Compliant' Mortgages for Muslims

Location: Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has sparked backlash by announcing plans to introduce "halal mortgages" that comply with Islamic financial rules against paying interest. In the recent 2024 budget, the government proposed consulting with lenders to offer Sharia-compliant home financing options like halal mortgages aimed at helping Muslim Canadians become homeowners. Trudeau enthusiastically touted it as "a testament to our commitment to fostering an inclusive society where everyone has equal access to opportunities." Specific proposals include the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation providing Islamic banks funding to offer halal mortgages, potential tax changes for such products, and a "regulatory sandbox" for lenders. While some smaller institutions already provide Sharia-compliant financing, none of Canada's five biggest banks currently offer halal mortgages that avoid interest through alternatives like rental-based payments. The budget also proposed developing more Islamic banking offerings and establishing a national zakat fund for Muslim charitable giving, drawing criticism that the policies unfairly benefit one religious group. Supporters like the Canadian Islamic Congress, however, hailed it as a "historic moment" enabling Muslims "to participate more fully in the Canadian economy."

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