Atheist Republic News Summary: Legal Rape, Taser for Church and More

April 6 Summary

In Gujarat, India, a high court has released a man accused of rape, as the victim was his own wife. They cited that no law exists to punish a man when his rape victim is his wife.

In Pakistan, a rickshaw carrying a family was attacked by ISIS members and they were targeted for being Christians. All three members of the family were killed, along with the rickshaw driver.

Back to Fitrah was organized by the Muslim Students' Association, designed to seek out homosexuals and convert them in Malaysia. It has even been formally approved by the university.

Girls in major cities around Pakistan have gathered for their 3rd annual Girls on Bikes rally. In Pakistan, safe transportation is not widely available for women, so they organized this event in a way to take their spaces back.

A mother used a taser on her son Easter morning to wake him for church. He called the police and she spent time in jail on Easter Day and is also being charged with child abuse.

Four children were taken into British custody after reporting their parents for making them watch ISIS beheading videos and alleging physical and emotional abuse. The parents have denied all charges.

In Brazil, a man rushed the stage to beat a Roman soldier actor. The actor was killing Jesus, and the man couldn’t handle that, feeling the need to save the actor playing Jesus.

A Mormon man in Texas has admitted to sexually molesting at least four young children while he was the Primary Instructor at a Mormon church. He has been charged with aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child.

In Grand Haven, Michigan, an atheist group won a case to have a government endorsed cross removed. A Christian group filed a lawsuit in retaliation but have been denied by the State Court of Appeals.

Guam Archbishop, Anthony Apuron was finally found guilty of by the Vatican Tribunal of child sexual abuse. He has filed an appeal, but has since been removed from office and exiled off of the island.

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