Atheist Republic News Summary: Murder Suspect Says Bible Is for Whites, Bud

Pope Francis was asked what would he tell a father of a child who came out as gay. He first suggested prayer. He said that if the child begins to show traits that are "worrisome", seek psychiatric help. The Vatican removed that conversation from the official account.

John Daniel Carothers, a 53 year old man, set fire to a VA Assistant Living facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It killed an African-American man named Robert Miller and John was charged with first-degree murder. He poured an accelerant onto the victim and ignited it. While in his prison cell, John wrote a letter to the white supremacist group and admitted he did it because the Bible is about and for white people. He also asked them to send him a copy of the Bible.

A former top Vatican official accused Pope Francis of covering up sexual abuse. Francis said he would not say one word on the 11-page document in which the former official says he should resign. The official accused Francis of having known of allegations of sex abuse by a prominent U.S. cardinal.

Jim Bakker is worried that the liberals might murder him if he goes outside wearing a Trump's hat. He added that he has been harassed for believing in the Bible.

97 year old head of Grace Cathedral church in Ohio, Pastor Ernest Angley, is sued for abusing one of his associate pastors, Pastor Brock Miller. Miller has been abused by Angley for several years. Angley ordered Miller to undress and masturbate in front of him. Miller is now suing. Former members of Angley's congregation admitted they had been touched by Angley and he encouraged men to get vasectomies and women to get abortions.

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A far right Dutch politician planned a Prophet Muhammad caricature competition and the Pakistan's senate passes the resolution condemning the contest. Dutch opposition MP Geert Wilders announced to hold a Prophet Muhammad caricature competition in the Netherlands later this year. Prime Minister Imran Khan will take the issue to the United Nations General Assembly in September, calling it a collective failure of the Muslim world. He added that such activity is blasphemous.

A painting of a junkie shooting up has gone viral since 2006. The artist claimed God called him to create it. For him, when people abuse their bodies, their hurting the presence of god in their lives.

In Thailand, a nine year old boy was beaten by Suphachai Suthiyano, a Buddhist monk, after the child was disruptive during a prayer session. He used a bamboo stick to assault the boy. The monk slammed the boy's head into a pillar. After falling into a coma, the boy died.

In Jacksonville, a mass shooting happened at a game bar after a man lost a game. He shot two people and others were injured. He then killed himself. Adam Fannin of Stedfast Jacksonville Church blamed the shooting on everything but the guns. In his sermon, he said that the mass shootings are the result of God's judgment on America and not the guns' fault. He added that Jacksonville choose bars instead of the Bible and it needs to get back to obeying the word of God.

The organizers of Say Nope to the Pope in Ireland was planning on snatching up tickets to his largest scheduled event in Dublin then not show up. What happened was, most people did not even bother buying tickets at all. There were 500,000 tickets made available to the public but the crowd was estimated to be less than 130,000 people.

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