Atheist Republic News Summary: Rainbow Masks Against COVID-19

1. Gay Couple in Poland Fights Hate and COVID-19 by Distributing Rainbow Face Masks
Location: Poland

2. Trump calls protesters against stay-at-home orders 'very responsible'
Location: USA

3. A Louisiana pastor who defied orders and held services has been arrested
Location: Louisiana, USA

4. Pakistanis gather for Friday prayers defying coronavirus advisory
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

5. Virus? What Virus? Defying Lockdown, 100,000 Gather for Islamist Leader’s Funeral.
Location: Bangladeash

6. Church Gatherings Are Responsible for More Than Half of Myanmar’s COVID Cases
Location: Myanmar

7. Minor Hindu Girl Forcibly Converted To Islam, Married To 40-Year Old Man
Location: Chundiko, Sindh

8. Eyewitness News Investigation: 'Church of Bleach' claims to cure coronavirus
Location: USA

9. Islamist group kills 52 in 'cruel and diabolical' Mozambique massacre
Location: Africa

10. Saudi Arabia arrests man seen 'stepping on a Quran' in viral video
Location: Saudi Arabia

Polish YouTube personalities Jakub and Dawid are LGBTQ activists in a country where as “much as one-third of the country has declared itself ‘LGBT ideology-free zones’”. They shot reaction videos and complied it in a YouTube video where they hand out free rainbow masks. They “state as it turns out, the rainbow does not offend, does not infect, but can protect people from a real threat."

President Trump is using twitter to once again incite protests against Covid-19 stay at home orders. He has left it up to individual state governors to make the decision on enforcing stay at home guidelines. Compared to the Tea Party movement some protestors took to Michigan capital steps with long guns to demonstrate against current Covid-19 guidelines.

Pastor Tony Spell of Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge last month was issued misdemeanor summons on six counts of violating the state’s governor’s executive orders barring large gatherings of people. This week an arrest warrant was issued, assault with a deadly weapon, as the pastor was driving a bus that came within five feet of a crowd of protestors who used video evidence to help police issue said warrant. Out on $5,000 bail he is noted saying he will see everyone in church tonight.

Religious leader, Abdul Aziz, held service at the Red Mosque in Islamabad where followers gathered standing shoulder to shoulder filling the hall to capacity essentially defying social distancing. Aziz is quoted saying “If death is written for you, then it will come". Pakistan has started easing the nationwide lockdown this week in an effort to help their economy and unemployment.

Maulana Zubayer Ahmad Ansari died and had a service last weekend where it is estimated at least 100,000 people gathered for his funeral. Defying Pakistan’s 5 person gathering rule attendees walked past police that were told to stand down and allow people to gather for the service many without any face masks.

Myanmar Ministry of Health and Sports is reporting 111 cases of Covid19 where it’s estimated that 54 of those cases are related to religious gatherings. Two pastors and their followers were arrested last week for continuing to defy country standards regarding distancing and continuing to hold services. One of those pastors has already tested positive for the virus.

In Sindh providence, The Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act was unanimously passed in 2014, saw the forced marriage of a 14-year-old to her 40-year-old abductor. The 14-year-old Hindu girl was forced to convert to Islam by Mohammad Aachar Darejo in the providence where marriage below 18 years is considered a punishable offense. Social media users are calling on government action and expressing outrage.

Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing founder Jim Humble, a former Scientologist who has claimed he's a billion-year-old god from the Andromeda Galaxy, created the MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) that contains sodium chlorite and instructions are to mix with citric acid which results in creating chlorine dioxide essentially instructing followers to drink bleach.

The Islamic State Central Africa Province (ISCAP), affiliated with Isis, in Muidumbe, Mozambique had killed more than 50 people who refused to join their group known locally as al-Shabaab (“the youth”). This group has been growing for the past two years in a region that has rich natural resources has not fairly distributed earnings from these resources to allow for proper policing and protecting of its citizens.

Saudi Arabia arrests a man who anonymously posted on Instagram a video of him dropping the Quran on a carpeted floor and stepping on it with his bare foot. Apostasy is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia and many social media users are calling for the “person's arrest, death and damnation”.

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