Atheist Republic News Summary: Rapper Takes Daughter for Virginity Testing

1. US rapper TI under fire after saying he takes his teenage daughter to a gynaecologist every year to check her hymen is still intact
Location: USA

2. Catholic Church investigating two nuns who returned pregnant from missionary trip to Africa
Location: Sicily, Italy

3. Indian Army wants adultery and homosexuality to remain punishable offences
Location: India

4. Group dressed as Hasidic Jews peddles anti-Semitic fliers in Boulder
Location: Boulder, USA

5. Adelaide Rainbow Walk Defaced With “Jesus ♥ You” Graffiti
Location: Adelaide, Australia

6. Philly-Based Bible Printer Will Close and Lay Off 174 Due to Decreased Demand
Location: Philadelphia, USA

7. Italy Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre under guard amid death threats
Location: Italy

8. Assam: 4-Year-Old Girl Offered As Sacrifice By Tantrik To Trace Lost Mobile Phone
Location: Assam, India

9. Indonesian Man Who Helps Implement Sharia Law for Adultery Flogged for Adultery
Location: Aceh, Indonesia

10. Obama on Call-Out Culture: ‘That’s Not Activism’
Location: USA

1. US rapper TI has provoked outrage by saying he forces his 18-year-old daughter to undergo an annual "virginity test" at the gynaecologist. "Usually like the day after the [birthday] party, she's enjoying her gifts, I put a sticky note on the door: 'Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30,'" TI, whose real name is Clifford Harris, told the presenters. The podcast episode was released on Tuesday, but appeared to have been removed on Wednesday afternoon after it went viral on social media. Social media users were quick to condemn Harris's behaviour, and express concern for his daughter.

2. Two nuns are being investigated by the Catholic Church after they became pregnant during missionary trips. The African women, who are from different orders in Sicily, reportedly got pregnant while on separate missions to their home country. One of the nuns, a 34-year-old based at a convent in the northeastern town of Militello Rosmarino, in Messina, discovered she was pregnant after going to hospital with severe abdominal pains, the Gazzetta del Sud newspaper reports. The second nun, a mother superior caring for the elderly in the southeastern city of Ispica, in Ragusa, has also discovered she is pregnant. Sicily’s health councillor, Ruggero Razza, said he would launch an internal investigation to find out how the pregnancies became public knowledge.

3. The Indian Army wants to reportedly ensure that homosexuality and adultery remain punishable offences and has written to the Ministry of Defence about the same, according to reports. This comes after the Supreme Court decriminalised adultery and read down IPC Section 377 that criminalised 'unnatural offences' in September 2018. The Indian Army wants both the offences to be punishable under Section 45 of the Army Act that deals with 'Unbecoming Conduct'. Outgoing Indian Army Adjutant General Lieutenant General Ashwani Kumar said that they will not do anything that will violate the law of the land. He went on to add that when one joins the Indian Army, he or she does not get some of the rights and privileges like other citizens are given under the Constitution.

4. A demonstration over the weekend is not sitting well with many in and out of the Jewish community in Boulder. On Saturday, a group of men dressed in traditional Jewish garb passed out fliers, denying the Holocaust and blaming Jews for the slave trade and pornography. "We want to wake up all races to the Jews. Holo-hoax," says an unnamed man in a video obtained by Denver7 of the demonstration. The group is then seen showing off their van, covered in anti-Semitic slogans. Sources tell Denver7 the group live streamed their appearance on the mall, then left without incident.

5. A rainbow crosswalk in Adelaide, Australia, meant to highlight important dates in LGBTQ history, was defaced recently by someone who wrote “Jesus ♥ you” over each date. The unnamed 28-year-old vandal’s actions were caught on video by a man and his partner as they drove past the landmark. The vandal has been arrested and the Adelaide City Council said the graffiti would be removed immediately.

6. A Philadelphia-based printing company says it will lay off 174 workers and shut down the facility all because, after printing more than a billion bibles over the past century, their product just isn’t in demand anymore. “They say the Bible business has really gone soft, and their warehouses are full,” said Wayne Cox, business representative for Graphic Communications Conference-Teamsters local union 4-C, based in Clifton Heights, which represents 150 of the workers, along with printers at other companies in central Pennsylvania.

7. An 89-year-old Holocaust survivor in Italy has been assigned police guards for protection after receiving hundreds of threats on social media. Liliana Segre, who was sent to the notorious Auschwitz death camp at 13, has been subjected to a barrage of anti-Semitic messages in recent days. It comes after Ms Segre, an Italian life senator, called for parliament to establish a committee to combat hate. The motion passed despite a lack of support by Italy's right-wing parties. The motion called for the establishment of an extraordinary commission in Italy to combat all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, incitement to hatred and violence on ethnic and religious grounds.

8. Another incident from Assam has come to light where a 4-year-old girl was allegedly beheaded and offered as a sacrifice by a ‘tantrik’ (witch doctor) in Assam to trace a lost mobile phone. The girl Sunu Godba who was missing since last October 24 was allegedly tortured and beheaded by the witch doctor. The body of the girl was recovered on Monday afternoon from a forest near her home in Ratanpur tea estate in Charaideo district of upper Assam. The gruesome act involved four people who under the influence of a person who practiced black magic committed such crime.

9. The province of Aceh in Indonesia practices Sharia law. One of the groups that helped draft those laws and now oversees their implementation across the province is the Aceh Ulema Council (abbreviated MPU in their language). Mukhlis bin Muhammad is one of the MPU’s members. According to local news reports, which were picked up by global outlets, Mukhlis was caught with another woman, then punished with a public flogging that included 28 lashes with a cane. The couple were caught by officials in September, apparently in a car parked near a tourist beach. The caning happened on Thursday. Mr Husaini added that Mukhlis would be expelled from the MPU. The 46-year-old is also an Islamic religious leader. He is the first religious leader to be publicly caned in Aceh since Sharia law came into force in 2005.

10. Former President Barack Obama made a rare foray into the cultural conversation objecting to the prevalence of “call-out culture” and “wokeness” during an interview about youth activism at the Obama Foundation summit. “This idea of purity and you’re never compromised and you’re always politically ‘woke’ and all that stuff,” Mr. Obama said. “You should get over that quickly.” “The world is messy; there are ambiguities,” he continued. “People who do really good stuff have flaws. People who you are fighting may love their kids, and share certain things with you.” Watch the video:

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