Atheist Republic News Summary: Televangelist Says COVID-19 Is Finished

1. Scamvangelist Declares COVID-19 “Finished” After Commanding God to Destroy It
Location: US

2. Police arrest Florida pastor for holding church services despite stay-at-home order
Location: Florida, USA

3. Jerusalem Haredim attack medics coming to perform coronavirus test, injure 1
Location: Jerusalem

4. Defying lockdown, devotees in Bengal assemble at temples on Ram Navami
Location: West Bengal, India

5. E.W. Jackson: If People Believe in God, They “Don’t Have To” Catch COVID-19
Location: US

6. Angry NYC Mayor Says He May Close Defiant Synagogues and Churches Permanently
Location, New York, USA

7. An Outdoor Church Service Backfired When People Got Out of Their Cars to Worship
Location: Tennessee, USA

8. Court: Non-Catholics Welcome (and Funded) in Saskatchewan Catholic Schools
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

9. Anne Graham Lotz: COVID-19 is Great Since It May Trigger a “Spiritual Revival”
Location: US

10. The Tosh Jewish community of Boisbriand asks for police to help quarantine its community
Location: Quebec, Canada



1. American Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has declared the COVID-19 pandemic over. He offered up a dramatic prayer in which he told Satan to “get off this nation” and “crawl on your belly” along with many more strange things, before declaring his victory.


2. Florida’s megachurch pastor, Rodney Howard-Browne, refused to shut down his church services despite police warning and recommendations from the CDC. On Monday, police arrested him for two counts: unlawful assembly and a violation of health emergency rules. "His reckless disregard for human life put hundreds of people in his congregation at risk," Chronister said at a news conference on Monday, "as well as put thousands of residents who may interact with them in danger."

3. A volunteer MDA emergency response medic was attacked by members of the ultra-Orthodox Mea Shearim neighborhood for performing a COVID-19 test. He was lightly injured as rocks were thrown at him and the vehicle with him. Health Minister Yaakov Litzman condemned the attack but explained this behavior is only from a few people, not the entire community.

4. Long lines of devotees assembled in and out of temples around West Bengal for Ram Navami on Thursday. Many events and rallies had been cancelled over COVID-19 lockdowns, yet people wanted blessings from Lord Ram to get relief from the pandemic. Police officers have been attacked for trying to stop people from gathering at various places around the area.

5. Rightwing radio host, E.W. Jackson, said, “I don’t have the coronavirus! I’m not gonna get the coronavirus! I’m not gonna give anybody the coronavirus! Cause I can’t get it, because I talked to God about it, and I’ve taken my vaccine — my vaccine is Psalm 91.” He said that this also applies to his congregation, as if they could choose to not get the virus because they are Christians.

6. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has warned Jewish and Christians leaders that if they continue to violate restriction orders, they can plan on being shut down permanently. While he specifically spoke to the Jewish community, risking his vote base, he made sure he mentioned Christians would have the same outcome.

7. Greg Locke, a Tennessee pastor who is known for hate speech and ignorance on just about every topic, has shown just how little he understands CDC recommendations. He brought his congregation together for an outdoor sermon and they all ended up out of their cars and getting close together despite recommendations to keep a 6 foot distance and not gather with others.

8. In 2017, Justice Donald Layh declared that funding non-Catholic students in Catholic schools was “a violation of the state’s duty of religious neautrality” and a “violation of equality rights”.
Finally, after many years, a new ruling as overturned Layh’s original ruling. They added that in fact, allowing non-Catholic students funding for a Catholic school education proves they are not giving advantages based on religion.

9. Franklin Graham’s sister, Anne Graham Lotz, is saying that the COVID-19 pandemic is actually going to be great. According to her, the fear of people getting sick and dying will bring them closer to God. She is happy that abortion clinics are being shut down in some states as “non-essential”.

10. The Tosh Jewish community, a Hasidic community of 4,000 in Boisbriand, asked the police to help them enforce a 14 day quarantine of its community. A sample of 100 members of the community were tested for COVID-19. 40 results came back already and 40 percent of those were positive. With positive results in their isolated community and large families living in close proximity, safety and containing the spread is their biggest concern.

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