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  • The Worst Way to Support Israel: Christian Apocalypse Edition

Location: United States

U.S. evangelical support for Israel has intertwined deep-seated theological beliefs with the geopolitics of the Middle East. Following the lethal October 7th attack by Hamas on Israel, evangelical groups like Christians United for Israel swiftly supported Israel's right to self-defense, guided by a “dispensational premillennialist” theology. This doctrine sees the gathering of Jews in Israel as a prelude to the end times, marked by Armageddon and Jesus Christ's second coming, a belief that gives the current conflict eschatological importance. Evangelical circles resonate with sentiments of prophetic fulfillment, as noted by historian Daniel Hummel. This war is seen as "prophetically significant" within these circles, which fervently cite scriptures as legitimizing Israel's responses. A direct quote from Christians United for Israel—"To the terrorists who have chosen this fight, hear this, what you do to Israel, god will do to you"—illustrates the intensity of this conviction. The blend of religious prophecy and foreign policy is evident, showing how faith-driven views can significantly impact U.S. foreign policy attitudes and decisions.

  • The Chilling Hunt for Jewish Passengers: Mob Storms Russian Airport

Location: Russia

In a disturbing display of antisemitism, a violent mob targeted Jewish passengers in Russia's predominantly Muslim region of Dagestan, causing chaos and fear at Makhachkala airport. This alarming event took place against a backdrop of growing tensions following a deadly Hamas attack in southern Israel on October 7, which was met with a forceful Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza. In the days leading up to the airport incident, inflammatory messages on Telegram urged locals to confront Jewish individuals, erroneously believed to be refugees arriving from Israel. The situation escalated rapidly as videos circulated online showing throngs of young men, some waving Palestinian flags, breaching airport security to access planes on the tarmac. Amidst the turmoil, 20 people were injured, and a stark in-flight announcement encapsulated the fear: "There’s an angry mob outside that doesn’t know where we’ve come from and why [we are here]. It’s possible we’ll also come under attack." The violence at the airport is part of a broader wave of anti-Jewish sentiment in the region, with reports of mobs in multiple cities and acts of arson against Jewish properties. Israeli officials have urged Russia to ensure the safety of its citizens, amidst a situation that has shocked and saddened the global community.

  • Iranian General Declares “Jihad Has Always Been An Inevitable Part Of The History Of Islam”

Location: Iran

General Hossein Salami, Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), delivered a provocative address on IRINN TV, where he emphatically stated that "Jihad was and still is an inevitable part of the history of Islam." He portrayed the state of Israel as an aggressor, referring to it as a "dagger" in the Islamic world. Salami's rhetoric was stark and charged, drawing on historical grievances and a narrative of enduring struggle. He insisted that conflict with "arrogant oppressors" would persist until the arrival of the Hidden Imam, a messianic figure in Shia Islam. General Salami's speech underscores the deeply entrenched hostilities in the region, with his direct quote capturing the essence of his position: "They move the dagger, and tear the flesh of the Islamic nation's side, causing it a new hemorrhage." His words reflect the enduring and intense nature of the geopolitical and religious tensions in the Middle East.

  • American Imam Teaches Anti-Semitism to Children

Location: United States

In a contentious lesson streamed from the Colorado Muslims Community Center, Imam Umar Mitchell delivered a sermon to children laden with heavy critiques of Jewish history and actions, attributing to them a pattern of deceit and betrayal. He charged the Jewish people with breaking covenants with Allah, killing prophets, and attempting to assassinate Jesus, also evoking a Quranic story where Jewish fishermen were turned into monkeys by Allah for violating the Sabbath. Mitchell insisted, "It's not hate speech for you to be aware of these things," while asserting the necessity of recognizing the "characteristics" of Jews to avoid being deceived, especially in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His direct address to the children, “If this is the group of people who broke their rules with Allah, should you trust these people today?” resonated with the underlying theme of his sermon, focusing on historical grievances and promoting wariness of Jewish people, albeit acknowledging that "a couple of them" might not conform to this portrayal.

  • London Witnesses 1,350% Increase in Antisemitic Hate Crimes

Location: United Kingdom

Amidst the backdrop of the Israel-Hamas conflict, London's Metropolitan police have reported a staggering 1,350% surge in antisemitic hate crimes. In a short span from October 1st to 18th, 218 antisemitic offenses were recorded, a sharp rise from the 15 reported in the corresponding timeframe of the previous year. Concurrently, anti-Muslim offenses have also spiked by 140%. The police have made a limited number of arrests, with ongoing investigations into the rampant hate crimes. The increase has impacted both Jewish and Muslim communities, with both expressing concerns over their safety and the seeming inadequacy of protection against such crimes. Dave Rich of the Community Security Trust lamented the pattern: "This huge spike in anti-Jewish hate crime happens every time Israel is at war... It is shameful and appalling that this still occurs in modern Britain, and yet it happens time after time."

  • New 'Party of Islam' in UK Rejected by Authorities

Location: United Kingdom

In the UK, a group attempted to establish a new political party called the 'Party of Islam,' which aimed to represent minority voices. However, the Electoral Commission, which is the organization that oversees elections and party registrations, did not approve their application. The reason given was that the party's application did not properly outline its organizational structure and financial plans, and it didn't follow the specific legal requirements needed to form a political party. So, for now, the 'Party of Islam' cannot officially function as a political party in the UK. If they want to pursue this further, they'll need to address the issues the Electoral Commission identified and try to apply again.

  • Deadly Attack at Jehovah’s Witness Gathering in India: Ex-JW Claims Responsibility

Location: India

In a shocking turn of events at the Zamra International Convention Center in Kerala, a serene gathering of Jehovah's Witnesses was torn apart by a deadly blast that claimed three lives and left 50 attendees wounded. The culprit, an improvised explosive device craftily hidden inside an innocuous tiffin box, unleashed chaos among hundreds of peaceful worshippers. The suspect, Dominic Martin, a disenfranchised former follower of the faith, brazenly claimed responsibility in a pre-recorded Facebook diatribe. He justified his heinous act by condemning the church's eschatological teachings, declaring, "What should we do with people who long for the ruin of the entire people in the world?" His chilling rationale casts a dark shadow over the community as authorities work diligently to corroborate his startling confession.

Location: Italy

In the historically Catholic community of Ossanesga in Bergamo province, tradition dictates that only ordained ministers should serve the holy communion—a practice reflecting deep religious convictions about the sacredness of this rite. So when Father Eros Accorigi, confronted with the absence of an extraordinary minister, turned to an altar girl to assist with communion, he inadvertently sparked a theological controversy. To many parishioners, this broke a significant ecclesiastical taboo, as the act of serving communion is traditionally reserved for those who have undergone specific sacramental ordination, underscoring the sanctity and solemnity of the Eucharist. The filmed event, which was widely shared and scrutinized on a Catholic video-sharing site, led to fierce objections from churchgoers who viewed it as an egregious breach of liturgical propriety, termed a "liturgical horror." The gravity of Father Eros’s action is summed up by his own words in an interview with La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, reflecting the community's shock: "It was as if I had killed someone." This incident not only highlights the clash between church law and pastoral challenges but also brings to the fore the ongoing debate within the church over the evolving roles of laypeople in liturgical functions.

  • Too Holy for School? French Secularism Bans Pupils from Saintly Musical!

Location: France

In an ironic twist of divine comedy, French secularism has given a thumbs-down to the musical "Bernadette de Lourdes" as part of the educational field trip repertoire, asserting that a sing-along with a saint just doesn’t harmonize with laïcité. This historical musical, which probes the celestial visions of a teenage Bernadette without a single cameo from the Virgin Mary, was deemed too heavenly for the staunchly earthbound principles of French state education. Co-producer Roberto Ciurleo, perplexed by the decision, points out, "Our show is a historical reconstruction in the form of a police investigation, drawn from the official records," suggesting that the only spirit the students might encounter is the spirit of inquiry. Meanwhile, the commission, unmoved by the production's secular serenade, has decided that school groups shall not pass, though individual students are free to float towards the holy box office on their own dime—or divine intervention. Thus, in the land that champions égalité, fraternité, and above all, laïcité, a musical about a saint is less Les Misérables and more "Les Misunderstood."

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