Atheist Republic Summary: Atheists Are More Religious Than Christians

A 20-year-old man living as a refugee in Germany has fled to his homeland, Iraq, in order to escape his arrest over the rape and murder of his 14-year-old girlfriend. His girlfriend had been missing for days before police found her buried body.

Although Romania does not recognize same sex marriage, a new ruling made it to where they can’t refuse gay rights in their country as long as they remain in the EU. Homosexuality was a crime in there until 2002.

An Irish woman has been granted the right to stay in Ireland with her three children and not return to her husband in Pakistan. Claiming abuse at his hand, she fought to leave Pakistan and return to Ireland for the safety of her children.

British Columbia parents who accused the courts of religious discrimination have lost their case. Their child was taken from them over accusations of abuse and signs of neglect. The mother wants to rename her child, “Jesus JoyoftheLord” when they get custody again.

An Isis supporter who drove a truck into a crowd killing five people has been sentenced to life in prison. Sweden ruled that if he is released, he must be removed from their country.

Ted Cruz’s father has suggested that the Supreme Court’s ruling, allowing gays to marry, has opened the door for people to marry horses. We are happy to report that no one has married a horse, legally, since this ruling went into effect.

In Ontario, Canada, a waxing salon is being sued over refusing to wax a transgender woman. There are many discrepancies about which waxing serves were declined, but the manager specifically brought up his Muslim employee and her religious right to refuse service.

CrossFit has fired their spokesman, who happens to be a pastor, for homophobic comments he made on Twitter. Specifically, he said that celebrating LGBT Pride was a sin, in response to a location shutting down a workout planned to celebrate Pride.

Dr. Oz, a famous doctor and host of his own television show, has been before congress over his pseudoscience peddled to the public. He recently has said that astrology can reveal answers about our health.

A new study has suggested that the religiously unaffiliated in America tend to be more religious that Christians in European countries. An article released about this has gone viral in the atheist community and has many incorrect statements. The author of the article interchanges the words “nones”, “religiously unaffiliated” and “atheists”. This is a problem, as one can still believe in a god yet hold no religion.

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