Atheist Republic Summary: Death for Blasphemy in Mauritania, Beirut Pride

May 19 Summary

Mauritania has passed a law making it mandatory for blasphemers to receive the death penalty. This Islamic country is being pressured to change this law, but will probably not give in to pressure.

A catholic woman has been fired for refusing to counsel a gay couple. She is suing her former place of employment for discrimination of her beliefs.

A Shia mosque was targeted last week by terrorists, killing one and injuring two clergy men. They were attacked with knives and the church was set on fire, while people are blaming Isis for this event.

As an attempt to get women more mobilized in Pakistan, women on pink motorcycles and helmets took the streets of Lahore to teach other women how to drive a motorcycle. More mobility means more independence for women, as they’d be able to drive themselves to work.

How is attendance at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter? According to videos of people going, very low, however, Ham makes it sound like the place is packed all the time with thousands of visitors. If attendance is indeed dropping, this could mean the end for this Creation Museum.

In more Ken Ham news, this week he lashed out at our beloved Friendly Atheist for reporting factual information on a research study. Without explaining why the study was flawed, Ken Ham calls Mr. Mehta a liar, fake news, and speak poorly about him.

Alberta has added an exception to their laws for Sikhs, they do not have to wear a helmet while driving a motorcycle, because of their traditional turbans. Alberta is the third province in Canada to add this exception.

A Berlin based imam is getting constant death threats for her mosque which allows women to lead in prayer and is LGBT friendly. She says the threats she receives makes it more obvious that she needs to continue fighting for gender equality.

Brent Jones, the current candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada, is being sued by former employees of his water company for him trying to pressure them into Scientology. While a judge has already ruled in his favor in one case, he has more to face and has made a section on his campaign site showcasing a recent deposition about this matter.

After being detained by police, the leader of Beirut Pride was forced to end all events for the year. They made him sign a statement that he would stop all activities that were set for the week.

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