Atheist Republic Summary: Teenage Girl Plots Terror, Lebanon Election 2018

AR Summary May 12

An Isis fiancé plotted to become a martyr after her fiancé was killed in Syria. Her plans were found before she could commit terror in a British Museum grenade attack. Her mother and sister are also involved in plots to “unleash violence in the heart of London”.

Noura Hussein, a Sudanese woman who was forcibly married at the age of 16, has been sentenced to death for killing her husband. He raped her repeatedly with help of his family, when he tried to rape her again, she stabbed him to death and her family turned her in to the police.

Utah high school students convinced their Republican majority government to see the facts of climate change.  They finally got their Economic and Environmental Stewardship bill to pass.

A young child residing in Birmingham was tricked by her mother into getting married to a man 16 years older than her in Pakistan. She was 13 when she signed a marriage agreement and her new husband raped her. Once back in Birmingham, she was able to get assistance and her mother is facing charges.

Pakistan makes a historical move by passing a law that guarantees rights for transgender individuals. By law, no business can discriminate a person based on their gender identity.

A Quran Park is under development in Dubai and it sounds like the Islamic version of Ken Ham’s Creation Museum. It will be free to the public, but there will be shops that sell teas and plants that were mentioned in the Quran.

Students in Spring Arbor pushed back against bigotry preached during a sermon at their Christian University. While a preacher compared LGBT students to murderers and drug dealers, they decided to protest by waiving rainbow flags, taking a stance that could get them expelled.

President Erdogan of Turkey promised to step down if enough people wanted him to do so. This has led more than a million Turkish people taking to social media making the word, “Tamam” (enough) go viral.

Isis has tried to take credit for a prison attack in Jakarta that has left five officers and one prisoner, dead. One officer is still being held hostage. Former governor, Aman Abdurrahman, being held for blasphemy, was not involved in the attack.

Joumana Haddad was set to be the first female atheist Parliament member but lost the election last minute. She was in the lead on Sunday night, but by Monday no one was reporting her victory. This has led people to believe the election was rigged last minute.

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