Atheists Place Anti-Christmas Messages Near Nativities in Illinois

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Atheists in Illinois are directly attacking Christmas by installing public displays that combat nativity scenes and other religious ideologies. Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) recently installed a hefty, illuminated scarlet-coloured “A” alongside other banners commemorating the winter solstice as well as the Bill of Rights in Daley Center Plaza, Chicago.

“Once again this year, the non-religious will have a voice in the Chicago area countering the religious symbolism widely present on public property during the the month of December,” reads a press release from the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Metropolitan Chicago Chapter.

The Blaze

Additionally, in association with Chicago Coalition of Reason, FFRF unveiled a separate set of messages inside North School Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois beginning in December.

According to the same press release, these two atheist organizations intend to install non-religious displays until they outnumber all the religious symbols intended to celebrate Christmas during this holiday season. One of the messages include a banner that asks, “Are you good without God?” and follows it with the answer, “Millions are!”

Anti Christmas Messages

This is not the first time that America’s atheists have used such a strategy to counter religious symbolism during the holiday season. Last year too, a group of atheists installed a giant “A” alongside an anti-Christmas banner at Daley Center Plaza. It is unclear if the same groups were responsible for the non-religious displays last year.

The nativity scene at Daley Center Plaza has been staged these since 1985 when a group of locals, called God Squad, installed it at the chosen venue for the first time. Since then, the group has been volunteering to assemble and disassemble the display each year.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

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