Athist Republic News Summary:Uniform Hijab for Young Girls, Man Made Wife K

1. A black headscarf is on sale for just £6 in MARKS & Spencer ‘School Essentials’ section. The company are selling the hijab after a 'number of schools requested the option'. Some customers have threatened to boycott the store until the product is removed from stock.

2. Mohammed al-Motteri, a 14-year-old teenager who has a "feminine" look is the latest victim of the series of killings and assassinations in Iraq. He was brutally killed in the street while his murderers videotaped the killing and documented it on social media. The victim asked what was coming out from his body and the attacker replies: "It's your guts". In the video, the victim is lying on the ground as he bleeds to death. Mohammed's last words were: "I want to see my mother".

3. Suggested news on youtube:
In Kalamazoo, the Atheists Alliance of America is helping locals in need. The group is about helping people, not about people's beliefs. There is a facebook page if you are interested to volunteer or donate:

4. With a capacity for 3,500 people, one of the largest Catholic churches in Ireland will be demolished to make way for a smaller church. The extra space will be used for housing for the elderly and other social services.

5. In Nawada, Bihar, an 18-year-old Muslim girl was tied to a tree for around 5 hours and caned by her family members for loving a Hindu boy. She fled from her village to stay with the man, Kumar. Upon learning her absence, the family went to look for her. They found her with Kumar and brought her back. Her punishment was allegedly a result of the village panchayat's diktat. The panchayat was convened which directed the girl's family to punish her for dishonoring the village. No one was arrested.

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6. Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess”, explained that heaven is a giant magical theme park. There’s a city in Heaven made out of Jell-O where you can “eat the mailboxes.” Kids love it. The place has cows that drive tractors, has a surf park with 80-foot waves, kids take art classes taught by rabbits, and more.

7. Pope Francis compares abortion to hiring a hitman to "take out a human life to solve a problem." he added that some people justify abortion as respecting other rights. He asked, "How can an act that suppresses innocent and defenseless life as it blossoms be therapeutic, civil or simply human?" His comments came during a 3 week meeting of bishops from around the world on young people, where sexuality, is among the topics of discussion.

8. In the UK, the British Supreme Court ruled 5-0 that Amy and Daniel McArthur, evangelical owners of Ashers Baking Company, had every right to deny making a cake for a customer featuring Sesame Street‘s Bert and Ernie and saying “Support Gay Marriage,” for the International Day Against Homophobia. Evangelical groups are celebrating the victory.

9., a non-profit that was founded to promote “pro-life” candidates in Congress, made a dramatic video showing young boys growing up "into men of virtue" and taking on courageous jobs before showing clips from Brett Kavanaugh's emotional testimony before the confirmation trying to scare mothers into supporting his placement on the U.S. Supreme Court. The ad insisted that Kavanaugh's life was permanently destroyed by false allegations and that it can happen to other "good" men.

10. 69-year-old Graham Robert Morant, an Australian man, is responsible for the death of his wife, Jennifer Morant. He convinced her to kill herself so he can use the $1.4 million in insurance payouts to build a church. He told her that the funds would provide a haven from the biblical rapture where he would be a pastor. She wouldn't have committed suicide if not for the pressure from him, the jury found.

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