Australian Cult Leader and Pedophile Little Pebble Gets Parole

William Kamm

William Kamm, better known as The Little Pebble, may be a convicted sex offender guilty of having raped underage girls, but he was paroled last week. The 65-year-old pedophile, who was found guilty of sexually abusing teenage girls during his time as the leader of a religious cult in Nowra, was released from Long Bay Jail days ago, but he is under the highest level of monitoring available for parolees in New South Wales, Australia.

William Kamm 1

Within 10 minutes of him leaving prison, Kamm was seen trying to decipher his monitoring device in the middle of George Street.  He eventually called up the state’s corrective services to enquire about the tracking device, after which he continued with his day’s shopping and sightseeing along with a female companion.

When the media approached him, asking what he had to say to his victims, Kamm said, “Nothing.”

William Kamm 2William Kamm 3

Graham Webber, author of Kamm’s unauthorized biography, titled “A Wolf Among the Sheep,” describes the perverse life of Kamm, who was surprisingly refused parole less than a year ago. However, he has served nine of the 10 years that he was sentenced for in 2005, after being found guilty of having sex with a minor when he was in a position of authority and indecently assaulting another. According to Webber, the two incidents for which Kamm was convicted took place in 1991 and they were only a couple of the many instances in which he was involved.

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The news of Kamm’s parole obviously distressed his victims, one of whom was impregnated by him after he raped her during her teen years. Today, the woman, who is in her 30s, has a 15-year-old son from that incident and she continues to struggle, while trying to cope with the crippling aftershock and trauma of that dreaded time. Reportedly, Kamm had told her while raping her that he was acting upon the Virgin Mary’s command.

“Over a five-year period he'd take me to a hotel in Wollongong and he'd just have his way with me,” she said. “I'd turn around, close my eyes and cry.”

The idea of Kamm moving about freely justifiably scares this particular woman, as she is convinced that he will continue to rape minors even now, if left unsupervised.

William Kamm 6

Bettina Kamm, who was married to the pedophile until she divorced him, said her ex-husband used to have sex with underage girls on a weekly basis and that his followers still look up to him as their prophet.  Apparently, Kamm impregnated several young girls during the 90s and justified the crime afterwards by saying he was carrying out God’s will. It is believed that Kamm has fathered more than 20 children.

In fact, Kamm also sent sexually explicit letters to his victims from prison, signing them as the Virgin Mary. When he wasn’t in prison, Kamm had convinced these victims’ parents that their daughters needed to have sex with him, because such a union was what God wanted.

William Kamm 7

According to Webber, Kamm often told his followers that he was working towards a holy era when he would have 12 queens and 72 princesses. This, according to Kamm, was going to be considered the earth’s “immaculate race.”

Kamm’s cult that identifies itself as the Order of St. Charbel was delighted with his parole and could barely wait for their leader’s return, who is on parole until October 2015. However, he cannot visit the Shoalhaven area, get in touch with his victims or approach children less than 16 years of age, unless accompanied by a responsible adult, during this period.

Photo Credits: The Advertiser & AAPIMAGE

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