Baby Jesus Stolen From Nativity Scene and Replaced With Pig’s Head

Nativity Scene

Police in Haverhill, Massachusetts are searching for a vandal who stole a baby Jesus figurine from the local nativity scene and replaced it with a severed pig’s head on December 25. The nativity scene was located outside Sacred Hearts Church, where the incident took place at dawn. The pig’s head placed at the scene was carefully chosen, as it isn’t one that people are likely to find at the butcher store.

Nativity Scene

Haverhill Police organized a conference the following morning to discuss how they could catch the culprit.

“This particular pig is not the kind of pig that would be sold at a butcher shop,” said Lieutenant Robert Pistone, a spokesman for the Haverhill Police Department said. “Usually they would remove all the hair.”

Pistone said the pig was decapitated only some time before its head was placed at the nativity scene. He also said it is likely the animal came from a local farm.

“It's just a really hurtful commentary on society,” said Pastor John Delaney. “And for someone to do this sad deed is really shocking.”

This particular act of vandalism is similar to another that took place near another church in Haverhill a couple of years ago, when the vandal had left not one but many pigs’ heads near the front door of the house of worship.

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Believers in Haverhill were rather shocked to see the pig’s severed head.

“They're heartbroken, they're horrified, they're outraged by this act that really speaks to us on this most solemn day of hurt,” Delaney said.

Despite being hurt and offended by the vandal’s act, church members came together to arrange for another baby Jesus figurine and redecorate the nativity scene on Christmas morning.

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