Baptist Leader in Missouri Arrested for Seeking Sex with Animal

Jerald Hill

Windermere Baptist Conference Center in Missouri is deliberating over a new CEO after their former head, Jerald Hill, was arrested on charges of attempting to have sex with an animal. According to media reports, 56-year-old Hill was arrested earlier this month by an undercover investigator who works with the Cyber Crimes Task Force of Boone County Sheriff’s Department. After being tipped off by an advertisement on Craigslist, the investigator arranged for a dog that Hill could have sex with at a park in Columbia.

Hill, who served as the president and CEO of Windermere, was released from jail for a $1,000 bond but board members of the Baptist conference center have been discussing what they need to do next.

“The board is very supportive of [Hill] and grateful for his work at Windermere…. The board sees the action as a personal issue with Jerry and trustees are concerned about both Hill and the conference center…. We are concerned for the well-being of Jerry ... and we are also concerned with the well-being of Windermere…. Windermere will continue to function in a good way…. We will be in the process of looking for a new president and CEO,” said Windermere chairman Arthur Mallory.

Hill could face penalties if found guilty of solicitation though Missouri statutes are not clear about the nitty-gritty details of such a scenario. Conviction for sex with an animal is categorized as a Class A Misdemeanor for first timers and a Class D felony for repeat offenders but the law does not mention penalties for the offense, either in jail term or monetary fine. But the law does permit a judge to order counseling and psychological evaluation for the convicted.

The Cyber Crimes Task Force of Boone County Sheriff’s Department includes investigators from the University of Missouri, the Boone County Sheriff’s Department as well as the FBI.

Photo Credit: The Immoral Minority

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