Ben Carson Uses Religion to Separate Science From Propaganda

Ben Carson

Republican presidential hopeful and former neurosurgeon Ben Carson recently said he uses religion to differentiate between science and propaganda. Carson made an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press earlier this month, where Chuck Todd asked him how he, as a former neurosurgeon, could trust science and still identify himself as a conservative Christian. That is when Carson explained science must rely on religion because he believes it is quite possible that scientific proof is mere propaganda.

Carson went on to say while religious beliefs give people some direction in their lives, they are not meant to rule over public policies and political stances. He narrated anecdotes of people who often asked him during his practice how he reconciles his religious beliefs with scientific knowledge that results in an effective surgeon. He said his response to those people was that perhaps the scientific principles he disagreed with were not scientific to begin with.

Carson also clarified that he blindly trusts the science he believes was necessary to make him a neurosurgeon but maybe the rest of all science is nothing but mere propaganda that has been generated by scientists and others who have vested interest.

Photo Credits: The Gateway Pundit

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