Bible Gateway: World’s Most Visited Christian Website Revamps Itself

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway, the world’s most visited Christian website, has revamped itself to incorporate new functionalities for users and personalize their online experience.

“We’ve worked a long time on this, to make sure we carefully and properly meet the expectations of the hundreds of millions of users of Bible Gateway. Our new design now gives them a streamlined experience that’s easier to navigate, while retaining the reliable and fast Bible search engine they’ve come to know, love, and use every day,” said Rachel Barach, general manager, Bible Gateway.

While reviewing the new and improved website, said that Bible Gateway has definitely improved while United Bible Societies said that they love the website’s latest appearance. Some of the new features on the site include a comparison of passages from different versions of the Bible, a daily blog of Biblical prose and audio narrations of the Bible, among others.

According to the website, it received more than 456 million visitors in 2013 alone, generating 1.5 billion views that spanned over 76 million hours by people mostly aged between 18 and 34 years. The website is popular in several countries across the world with users logging in from the Vatican, Palestine, Israel, Cuba, China, North Korea, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Singapore, South Africa, USA and UK. Having been around for 20 years, Bible Gateway is rated as the number one search result for matters related to the Bible on all global search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL.

Photo Credit: Bible Gateway

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