Bikini Wax Ban: Crackdown on Female Beauty Treatments in Iranian Holy City

Iranian officials began cracking down on hairdressers over new restrictions targeting women’s beauty salons.

From the information that was provided to Iran International, the Women’s Hairdressers Union in the city of Mashhad announced a ban on the waxing of private parts, tattoos, piercing, injecting Botox, other cosmetic subdermal fillers, nail enhancements, eyelash extensions, “unconventional” dress code, and playing western music at the salons.

Other women’s hairdresser unions have announced similar bans across the country where notifications threatened legal actions for non-compliance.

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian-American Journalist who notably escaped a plotted kidnapping by the Iranian government last year, reported the story through her social media. At the end of her long Instagram post, she stated, “They asked why women should plant nails or wax in the city of Imam Reza.”

The Iranian government is known for its long history of patrolling women’s dress codes.

Sayyid Ahmad Alamolhoda, a senior Islamic cleric and father-in-law of President Ebrahim Raisi, urged people to tell women with ‘poorly-fitting hijab’ and admonish them. He further declared that women with such headscarves should feel insecure in public.

Back in 2015, Iranian men were under fire for their grooming choices. “Homosexual” and “devil-worshipping” hairstyles were banned, along with tanning, tattoos, and plucked eyebrows; all deemed un-Islamic.

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