Bill Maher Says Nonbelievers Should Advocate Facts and Dismiss Myths

Bill Maher

Bill Maher recently urged secularists and atheists to speak out in an attempt to encourage real world decision-making based on proven facts and not on ancient myths. The political commentator and comedian recorded a short message for Openly Secular, which is an atheist campaign that aims to change the way in which nonbelievers are perceived, and in it, he said the best way to view the world is through a non-theistic lens.

“It seems to me the most obvious decision a person could make in their own life — do I want to make real world policy decided on the basis of proven facts and the outer reaches of where humans have gotten to do in science?” Maher asked. “Or do I want real world decisions made based on ancient myths written by men who didn’t know what a germ or an atom was or where the sun went at night?”

As Maher defended the right of people to advocate faith-based worldviews, he encouraged secularists to speak up and tell their theistic friends why it is not all right to make real world decisions based on ancient myths. He said it is important for nonbelievers and atheists to make sure a more reasonable worldview takes precedence, which is why proven facts need to be taken into consideration while making real world decisions.

“Don’t let it look like in America that the most reasonable — not to mention correct fact-based —argument is really the weird one — the one held by a tiny minority of misguided eggheads,” he said. ”Secularists are bigger than that — way bigger.”

It is not clear what Maher was referring to when he said “a tiny minority of misguided eggheads,” but in all probability, he was talking about the public policy viewpoints he personally considers odd.

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