Billboard on Wheels Targets “Religious Freedom” Bill

Billboard Targets Religious Freedom Bill

A controversial billboard-on-wheels ad targeting a “religious freedom” bill was considered outrageous by some people, with the organization behind the ad defending their right.

According to the executive director of Better Georgia, Bryan Long, the billboard will loop the streets for eight hours on Wednesday. Better Georgia is the organization behind this ad.

"Georgians would be able to use religion as an excuse to opt out of some laws including child abuse, domestic violence and discrimination laws," Long said.

However, some organizations support the bill, like the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

"I am infuriated by those claims. They are so false," said Virginia Galloway. "It's intended to protect people of faith, and to guard their rights when the government interferes with their rights."

Another supporter of the bill is Rep. Sam Teasley of Marietta who called the ad "disgusting and abhorrent…. totally devoid of truth."

"It is unimaginable that a person could mount a successful defense in a court of law using religion as their justification for domestic violence," he said.

"How is that controversial? And, considering their claim, it is obvious to everyone objectively considering the issue that there is a compelling government interest in punishing those who perpetrate violence on others," Teasley said.

Photo Credits: Gannett CDN

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