Britain: Islamist Preacher Justifies Beheading of Non-Muslim Civilians

Islamist Preacher

An Islamist preacher in Britain has been recorded justifying Islamic State’s beheading of non-Muslim civilian captives. In the recording, he is heard saying all able-bodied non-Muslim men are legitimate targets for murder. In the video, which was acquired by the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Islamist preacher Minazur Rahman is seen explaining IS’ recent beheading of British aid volunteer Alan Henning, an act that was condemned even by some very conservative Muslims, who said Henning was in Syria to assist those who were victimized during Assad’s regime.

While defending IS’ brutal killing, Rahman, who was sentenced for four years in 2007 for soliciting murder, said under Sharia law, a combatant refers to any adult that is mature and capable of being infidel.

“If he has no covenant of security with the Muslims, he is called a combatant. ... it's not 'did he fight,' it's about 'is he capable to fight',” said Rahman.

He went on to clarify however, that definition does not include children, women, senior citizens and the disabled. Later in his speech, he also explained how children and women of non-Muslim men are bound to be taken as slaves. While explaining his stance, Rahman said when a person happens to be a citizen of a country that is “at war with Islam” it is fair to have him killed, even if he is a humanitarian worker.

Turning to those who claim that “the original rule of Islam is peace and no war,” he said, “That's a misunderstanding. ... The original rule between Muslims and kafirs (infidels) is fighting and war,” unless they convert to Islam or establish “a covenant with us.”

Refusing to shut his nonsensical rant, Rahman went on to say that if some Muslims believe Henning qualified as a non-Muslim with a “covenant of security” and thus did not deserve to die, then they should go to the Sharia court in Islamic State and request a debate on the matter.

“If he was killed wrongly therefore his family deserves blood money - that is 100 camels,” he said.

This video was recorded on October 22, three weeks after Henning’s beheading and a fortnight before the murder of another aid worker, Peter Kassig, who did everything to save his life and was still not spared by IS. Reportedly, he converted to Islam and adopted the name Abdulrahman while in captivity but IS went on to slaughter him anyway, an act that pretty much defies Rahman’s twisted logic.

Photo Credit: Vin Media

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