British Police Arrest Facebook and Twitter Users for Anti-Muslim Statements

Woolwich Attack

British law enforcement officers are arresting Facebook and Twitter users who made anti-Muslim updates following the grisly murder of a British soldier which was perpetrated by 2 Muslims in Woolwich.

Three men have already been taken into custody for using Facebook and Twitter to condemn Muslims.

In the attack, Lee Rigby who was a drummer with the Royal Regiment of Fusliers got run down in a car. He was then stabbed and hacked to death by 2 Muslim men armed with a cleaver and knives. They then told a man who had been video-recording the scene that their action was vengeance against the British Army which they accused of killing Muslims.

So far, one man has been arraigned for making 'anti-religious or racist' comments on Facebook. Two other men were apprehended in the dead of the night after they expressed resentment for Muslims on Twitter.


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