Bryan Fischer: God Hasn't Punished Bill Maher So He Has a Chance To Repent

Bill Maher

On his March 14 program on HBO, Bill Maher delivered a rant against religion in which he referred to God as a “psychotic mass murderer” and said the America is a “stupid country” because most Americans believe that the story of Noah and his ark is true. Maher’s rant clearly did not sit well with Bryan Fischer, who dedicated a segment on his radio program on March 17 to defend all believers and the biblical tale of Noah and his ark.

Fischer argued that it was the free will choices made by humans that left God with no other option but to kill every living thing, just as God has given Maher the free will to engage in this sort of blasphemy. The reason why Maher is able to say such things is because God allows it and the only reason Maher is not struck down on the spot for engaging in this sort of blasphemy is because God is merciful, compassionate and loving, according to Fischer. God allows Maher to continue living after saying these things, Fischer explained, so Maher has an opportunity to repent and ask for forgiveness.

“Bill Maher might have thought he was being hip and kind of trendy and kind of cool and all of that, but he is going to be judged for those careless words. God hopes it doesn't come to that. God could, by all rights, take him right now and Bill Maher would have to face judgment by the end of the day. Why doesn't He do that? Because He is patient with Bill Maher. He doesn't want to have to do that. He wants to give Bill Maher the time to come to his senses and to come to a place of repentance,” he said.

Photo Credits: HBO

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