Bryan Fischer: God Punished Charlie Hebdo for Blasphemous Conduct

Bryan Fischer

Speaking on his religious radio program last week, Bryan Fischer said that the brutal attack by radical Muslims on Charlie Hebdo, that led to the deaths of at least 12 people, was God’s punishment for the French satirical magazine’s continued blasphemous conduct. Considering that the magazine has not only mocked Islam and Prophet Mohammad but also published cartoons regarding Christianity and Jesus in the past, Fischer speculated that the attack was God’s punishment for the magazine’s repeated violation of the third commandment.

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain… They made a career out of taking the name of God, the God of the Bible, the father of the Lord Jesus,” said Fischer, who has made the case in the past that instituting anti-blasphemy laws in America was entirely necessary.

He went on to cite Biblical passages, including Exodus 20, that implies God would use idolaters to reprimand blasphemers. So, he said, it was not far-fetched for Muslim terrorists to have carried out the Lord’s divine punishment.

“You look in the Old Testament at what happened to Judah, God used a pagan nation, I mean, he used idolaters, he used the savage armies of Babylon to discipline his own people,” Fischer said. “He brought them in as the rod of his wrath to discipline the nation of Judah.”

In conclusion, Fischer said he was aware that his theory would receive some amount of flak from critics but he said that is exactly what he wanted to achieve as part of an apparent “thought-provoking exercise.”

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