Bryan Fischer – If You’re Not a Christian, You’re a Traitor

Right Wing Watch

American Family Radio (AFR) is a network of more than 160 radio stations broadcasting Christian-oriented programming to over 40 states. One of the shows on that radio is Focal Point, hosted by Bryan Fischer, and on Thursday’s edition of his show he said that anyone who actively works “to undermine” Christianity not only isn’t a patriot, but is “a traitor to his country.”

Fischer opposes abortion, national health care, gay adoption, civil unions, and same-sex marriage. Fischer has described Muslims as "Parasites who must convert or die," and stated that Muslims are worshipping a demon and "every time we allow a mosque to go up in one of our communities, it’s like planting an improvised explosive device right in the heart of your city and we have no idea when one of these devices is going to go off.”

He stated that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects only the religious practice of Christianity, writing in a blog post “The real object of the amendment was, not to countenance, much less to advance [Islam], or Judaism, or infidelity... So the purpose of the First Amendment was most decidedly NOT to “approve, support, (or) accept” any “religion” other than Christianity."

Fischer told his audience how they can easily spot traitors: “Now I have no hesitation in saying that today. You want to find a traitor to your country? Find somebody who is actively working to oppose Christianity and oppose the public acknowledgement of the Ten Commandments. You are looking, my friend, right there at an American traitor.”

According to Fischer, anyone who opposes publicly displaying the Ten Commandments is committing treason and the essence of what it means to be a patriot is someone who “adheres to Christianity and the Ten Commandments.”  What is the link between patriotism and Christianity? Patriotism is an attachment to a homeland, including ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects. Christianity is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, who serves as the focal point for the religion. There is no connection between these two concepts. Of course, Christians can be patriots but atheists also can be patriots. The religion is not a criterion for patriotism.

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