Buddhist Monk Wirathu to Join Sri Lanka in Fighting Against Jihad

Buddhist Monk Wirathu

Controversial Buddhist monk U Wirathu declared on September 28 that he is joining his counterparts in Sri Lanka to fight against threats of Jihad that his religion has been facing over the last few years. While in Colombo, speaking at a convention for Bodu Bala Sena members, Mandalay-based Wirathu said that together he and his Sri Lankan counterparts would protect Buddhism against Muslim extremists.

“To protect and defend the threatened Buddhist the world over, my 969 movement will join hands with the BBS,” he told a 5000-seat stadium packed with monks and their lay supporters.

Wirathu said Muslim radicals had tried to disrupt his visit to Sri Lanka, which shares a close relationship with Myanmar on cultural and religious grounds.

“I am thankful to the President [Mahinda Rajapakse] for granting me a visa in spite of attempts by Muslim extremists to prevent my visit. … Buddhists are facing a serious threat today from jihadist groups. … The patience of Buddhists is seen as a weakness. …  Buddhist temples have been destroyed. There is a jihad against Buddhist monks. Media organisations along with world powers are using technology to carry out a campaign against Buddhists,” he said.

BBS has been accused of launching attacks against minority Christians and Muslims in Sri Lanka, where the majority practices Buddhism. Even though BBS has denied being involved in the attacks, videos posted on social media websites feature members of BBS engaging in violence against religious minorities. Sri Lanka suffered the worst of its religious violence in decades this year when riots broke out in Beruwala and Aluthgama, leading to the death of four people. The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka warned authorities that Wirathu’s visit could pose a threat to the nation’s peace.

Photo Credit: Arramah



Casper Rigsby

Look here, when even Buddhists are saying, "Fuck those dudes"... You know something is wrong. If a Buddhist who wouldn't kill a poisonous snake because he values its life, is willing to shoot you in the face, it's probably time to reevaluate your position.

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