Cairo: “Atheist” Cafe Raided by Police

Cairo, Egypt

Police in Cairo stormed into a cafe in downtown, closing it for good as they claim it is for Satan worshipers, hinting at atheists.

It seems that Egyptians are already missing former President Mubarak’s regime, as they face strong actions against freedom of expression by the new President Sisi.

According to Jamal Mohie, chief of the local municipality, the cafe was a nest for “satan worshipers.” He added, "The coffee shop was unauthorised, unlicensed and also because drugs were found inside."

"There was no sign reading 'atheists' cafe' outside, as nobody would put up such a public announcement. However, it was popularly known as a place for Satan worship, rituals and dances. There were also Satanic drawings at the entrance," Mohie said after arresting the owner.

Activists around the world fear what’s going on in Egypt lately, as authorities are taking actions against all freedom. Last week, Egyptian police raided a Cairo bath house and arrested 33 men for "perversion" or "debauchery," according to local reports. Since homosexuality is not explicitly banned in Egypt, the men were arrested in connection with the charge of "perversion" instead.

Freedom of expression in Egypt is "narrowing," as reported by one of the witnesses in the New York Times, Sara Khorshid.

"This is worse than the situation under Mr. Mubarak, when only state-owned media adopted an unwaveringly pro-government editorial policy whereas privately owned media were more open to diverse views. Now the ruling elite seems less confident of its ability to withstand criticism," she wrote.

Photo Credits: Wikimedia

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