Canadian Parents Found Guilty of First-degree Murder


CALGARY - Alexandru Radita was diagnosed with diabetes at age 3 but his parents did nothing to help him fight his illness. Even though his condition over the years got worse, he didn’t get any insulin. At the end, he died at the age of 15 and the Raditas were charged with first-degree murder in connection with their son’s death in May 2013.

Emil and Rodica Radita, Alex’s parents, refused to accept the diagnosis, which also meant they refused to treat it. British Columbia social workers found Alexandru after his October 2003 hospital admission and placed him in foster care and, after a year, he was returned to his family, who eventually moved to Alberta. There was no evidence that the boy was ever taken to a doctor after the family relocated. The boy, who was one of the Raditas' eight children, weighed less than 37 pounds when he died.

"Mr. and Mrs. Radita intended to and did isolate Alex from anyone who could intervene or monitor his insulin treatment aside from themselves," said Horner. Neither parent showed any emotion or had a comment during sentencing. They have been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. "Your actions in starving your son Alex to death are beyond comprehension. You persisted in arrogant confidence...until he was dead," the judge concluded.

The day Alexandru died, the family went to church and said that the boy had died, but that God had resurrected him. It turned out, during the trial, that the Raditas were members of the Romanian Pentecostal Church, and their actions were in line with the church’s teachings. Unfortunately, this case isn’t the only example of parents who think medical help for their child would be a sign of spiritual weakness and an affront against God’s will. This is sad and monstrous example where people, in the name of religion, commit murder.

Photo Credits: Global News

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