Canadian School Board Stops Using Christian Agency for Sex Education

Edmonton Public Schools

A Canadian school board decided to stop using a Christian agency to conduct sex education classes after a student and her mother created a controversy. The curriculum created by the agency taught students incorrect facts such as they would die within three days of contracting any sexually transmitted disease, the only effective birth control is abstinence, and so on.

When 18-year-old Emily Dawson’s mother Kathy discovered that her daughter was being taught such gibberish, the duo filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, saying that the classes taught by the Christian agency were not only bogus but also violated the rights of non-Christian students. Upon finding out what her daughter was being taught, Kathy decided to attend some of the classes herself and she was appalled at what the students were being told.

After receiving the complaint, Edmonton Public School Board instructed principals to stop using the Christian agency, called Pregnancy Care Centre, to conduct sex education classes in their respective schools.

“We want to have parental support for what we're doing, so moving forward, the district will be looking at other providers,” said acting school board director Lorne Parker.

Parker said that Kathy was not the only parent to have registered a complaint against Pregnancy Care Centre.

The agency’s Norah Kennedy said that the school board’s decision has shocked them and their members are very upset. She claimed that the schools were aware of the agency’s stance, especially when it came to abstinence-based teachings.

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