Canadian Woman Prayed for Months for Dead Husband’s Resurrection


A devout Christian in Canada, who prayed for six months for her dead husband’s resurrection, was shocked to discover his body had rotted beyond recognition inside the room she had kept locked for Jesus to visit.

After her husband Peter’s death, 50-year-old Kaling Wald decided to keep his corpse locked inside a room on the top floor of her house, often telling her neighbours that he was in God’s hands now. According to court documents, Peter died in March 2013 while suffering from diabetes. He refused to go to the hospital after one of his feet became infected, because he believed God would heal him. Reportedly, his body was discovered only after Wald faced eviction charges for not paying the mortgage on her home.

When the sheriff arrived at her home in September 2013, Peter’s belongings were packed and ready to be moved.

“That was how strong our faith was,” said Wald.

She then went upstairs to unlock the room in which Peter’s body had been left, only to discover it had decomposed beyond recognition. Rodents were seen feasting off the rotted corpse.

On December 1, Wald pleaded guilty for failing to report Peter’s death to the police or coroner after assistant crown attorney Janet Booy concluded that she meant no harm by her actions and it was only her faith that had caused her judgment to be tainted and warped. She ruled all criminal charges against Wald be withdrawn.

Wald's defense lawyer Peter Boushy said, “Just as Jesus raised Lazarus after the fourth day, so too did she believe God would resurrect her husband in due time.”

Before Peter’s death, the couple was active in outreach programs and street ministry work in Hamilton, 70 kilometers south of Toronto. Boushy said that Wald now knows what the law requires of her and she would not wait for another resurrection to take place the next time she knows someone dies.

“She certainly was remorseful, and definitely was teary-eyed,” he said. “Indeed, she noted that she was never actually able to cry over the passing of her husband, but this seemed to have been an emotional breakthrough after the court proceedings yesterday. I think counseling is certainly going to be beneficial for her.”

This is the first case involving resurrection to be reported in Canada.

Photo Credits: Nextwelve

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