Christian College May Be Penalized for Seeking Religious Exemption

Gordon College

A Christian college near Boston, Massachusetts may be penalized for its public opposition to hiring homosexuals. The president of Gordon College signed a letter that was sent to Barack Obama, seeking religious exemption for the educational institution after the President signed an executive order that prohibits federal employers from refusing to employ gays and lesbians. Gordon College is only one among many other schools that fall in the same category, since Obama did not offer an exemption that was requested in the letter sent to him last month.

After sending the letter to the President, Gordon College is now under review by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Commission on Institutions. The college’s policy against homosexuality is likely to be discussed at the commission meeting in September.

Andrew Beckwith from the Massachusetts Family Institute said that college president Michael Lindsay was not wrong in sending the letter seeking religious exemption to Obama. According to him, the commission has the power to invoke disciplinary action against the college. However, he clarified that the school’s accreditation is not at risk.

“Lindsay signed the letter, along with others, simply asking for the President to statutorily provide exemptions for religious organizations that already exist,” said Beckwith.

Beckwith said that many students and staff members at Gordon College have expressed anger at the school’s stance over this issue despite agreeing with policies that prohibit homosexual activities on and off campus. Like most other Christian academic institutions, Gordon requires all students and faculty members to sign an agreement that opposes homosexuality.

“Really this is about integrity, not intolerance, for people to have the integrity to sign the behavioral statement if they intend to sign it and live by it,” said Beckwith.

Gordon College was set up in 1889 by Reverent A J Gordon. It was earlier known as Boston Missionary Training School.

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