Christian Customers Privy to Discount at Tennessee Gun Shop

Tennessee Gun Shop Discounts

With hopes of solving the growing number of mass shootings in America, the owner of a gun shop in Tennessee has decided to offer a 5 percent discount to Christian customers who profess their faith at the store. Brant Williams of Frontier Firearms in Kingston, located approximately 35 miles west of Knoxville, introduced the rebate immediately after a mass shooting took place at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, where the perpetrator reportedly asked his victims to claim their religion before killing them.

“I want to give Christians an opportunity to openly profess their faith and receive a small reward rather than a bullet in the head,” said Williams.

Williams explained that according to eyewitness accounts of the Oregon shooting, Christians had been targeted.

“The next day, I could not stop thinking about the shooting,” he said. “I kept thinking, ‘enough is enough.’ America is turning its back on Christians.”

Williams went on to cite Ron Ramsey, Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee, who has urged Christians to acquire handgun permits following the shootout.

“I thought, Lt. Gov. Ramsey is right! Christians should be prepared by carrying a handgun, and as the owner of Frontier Firearms, I could help,” he said. “This is when I decided to offer a discount to Christians.”

Naturally, Williams’ rebate caused quite a stir, but ironically, locals expressed less concern over arming more individuals and more concern over the store’s marginalization of other religions.

“Anyone who is not Christian and in our society is excluded,” Cameron Brooks, chairman of Knox County Democratic Party in Tennessee, told the media. “I think that's wrong. It turns people away from Christianity.”

After hearing all the criticism, Williams reassured customers of all faiths, saying the discount would be extended to all individuals as long as they stated their religion at the time of purchase.

“No one is or has been excluded,” he said.

Despite some critics having drawn attention to the potential danger of arming more people, Williams is adamant about his decision that he believes would empower Christians in the ways they deserve to be empowered.

“I want to let Christians know that despite the growing opposition and hostility to Christianity around the United States and around the world, in my store they are respected and welcome,” he said.

Photo Credits: WND

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