Christian Group Organizes “Prayer Storm” On 70th D-Day Anniversary To Defeat Evil


A group of Christians organized a “D-Day 70th Anniversary Prayer Storm” on June 6 with hopes of defeating evil and reestablishing the spiritual power of repentance.

“We believe the 70th anniversary of D-Day is a spiritually significant time to celebrate freedom from tyranny, gifted to mankind by Jesus and it is a monumental day that represents true self-sacrifice for the freedom of others,” wrote Pastor Jeff Daly, co-director of the National Day of Repentance in an online announcement about the event on June 2.

The group’s mission statement describes itself as a grassroots coalition of prayer intercessors and ministries. It refers to D-Day as an allied attack involving 12 nations that took place 70 years ago.

“Those with spiritual discernment see that we are facing a spiritual battle against evil in our nations today every bit as real as WWII. Moral depravity, apostasy and other anti-Christian attacks reflect the creeping human secularist agenda that seeks to remove the gift of Liberty that Jesus' blood gave to all humanity,” said Daly while speaking about the D-Day remembrance.

His statement defined repentance as a choice to “come away from the flesh and the world's ways to take up His Way of Purity.” It also said that repentance paves the way to heaven for God to go into battle on behalf of humankind and begin the restoration of Godly roots of all nations.

“As these prayer intercessors pray, fast, and sincerely repent, we believe Almighty God will ‘hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land,’” said the group.

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