Christian Man Blew Up Family Dog for Being Possessed by the Devil

Christopher Dillingham
Christopher Dillingham

45 year old Christopher Dillingham blew up his family’s Labrador Retriever using a bomb. As per the court’s documents he killed the dog because he believed that the dog was possessed by the Devil. Dillingham was at that time preparing for rapture when, he fastened explosives around the dog’s neck and ignited it at 4 am on Sunday morning, right outside their home.

The deputies reached the place of the event to find the remains of the dog scattered around the yard. Dillingham was arrested on the spot for the offence. A few documents detained by KOIN 6 News reveals that Dillingham told the deputies of Skamania County that the world was going to end and he was preparing for it.

The deputies also reported to have found a broken window and saw Dillingham throwing out the household belongings, the moment they arrived. When they inquired as to why he was throwing the items out of his house, he said that the metal objects in the house had the souls of demons inside them. He also informed the officers that his ex-girlfriend had given the dog, named Cabella to him after putting the devil inside it. He told the deputies that he made the explosives by making use of black powder that are used in fireworks. He then got it strapped around the dog’s neck and kept feeding the dog treats to keep it distracted and prevent it from trying to wriggle out of the explosive device and by 4 am, the dog was decapitated.

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