Christian Radio Host Arrested for Sexual Exploitation of Children

John Balyo
John Balyo

A Christian radio host was arrested on June 20 after accusations of him paying authorities to arrange sexual encounters with minors surfaced. 35-year-old John Balyo was terminated from his post at the gospel station the following day, a few hours after he was detained at a Christian concert in Michigan on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Chris Lemke, general manager at WCSG Radio said staffers were shocked and saddened to find out the truth about Balyo.

“We trust in a God who is just and sovereign and will see us through this difficult time. Effective today, John Balyo is no longer affiliated with WCSG Radio,” said Lemke in a statement.

Balyo was detained by Battle Creek Police Department and Homeland Security Investigations of Michigan State Police and his investigation was carried out under Operation Predator, a Homeland Security Investigations initiative that aims to protect minors from all forms of sexual exploitation. Though the connection between the two is not clear, a thorough investigation of Balyo’s case led police to 41-year-old Ronald Lee Moser who runs a website that offers viewers videos of sexual encounters with minor boys.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a press release on June 20 that said Balyo allegedly paid a person involved in another investigation related to child exploitation to have access to minors so he could force sexual favours out of them. However, Moser was not mentioned in the report though Battle Creek Police believe that both cases are connected.

“Further details about the investigation are being withheld pending the defendant’s appearance in court to answer to the charges,” said the release.

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