Christian Teacher Quits In Tears Over School's Pro-Trans Pronoun Policy

On Aug. 11, 2021, a paradox unfolded during a school board meeting in Virginia. In a single statement, Laura Morris — a 5th-grade public school teacher — juxtaposed her school district's "cutting-edge technology" and the religious ideology of a "believer in Christ." Laura ruefully announced her resignation, failing to see that the liberal movement that allowed her to speak openly against a policy is the same movement that compels the board to respect transgender children.

"School board, I quit," she announced defiantly, with white tears.

Laura added that the policy that the school board is trying to adopt "do not square with who I am." Laura refers to the current equity training she and the other staff are required to go through. The training requires teachers to call trans students by their preferred name and use pronouns appropriate to their identity.

Laura's contention is over the new policy adopted by the school board of Loudoun County. Last year, the federal government passed a law that compels the Department of Education in every state to adopt a policy that provides policies on trans students. The State of Virginia adopted a law where district school boards in the state are required to adopt policies supporting the Department of Education mandate as a requirement for continued state funding.

The new policy being adopted by the Loudoun County School Board will require their staff to undergo training regarding the new rules. The previous policy only included school counselors and other mental health professionals that are serving the schools. The new policy also calls for improving the school's bathrooms, making them more conducive for trans students' use.

Several protesters received Laura's message warmly, who came to picket the school board voting on the new policy. The conservative Christian group Stand Up Virginia caused delays and made a vexing uproar during the meeting. Brenda Tillett, the group's president, proudly announced that the chaos her group caused is a way to "increase awareness about efforts to dismantle safety in our communities." People from the opposing side were arrested, and the meeting was postponed.

More than 100 constituents of Loudoun County joined the board meeting to voice their opinion.

As of the writing of this article, the Loudoun County School Board voted 7-2, effectively legitimizing Loudoun County's policy. The vote came despite disruptions and hours of delay by the opposing groups.

In an interview with a local news channel, one of the parents, Cris Candice Tuck, is glad. Cris said that the new policy would allow students to "return to school, feel safe, feel accepted and feel affirmed."

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