Christians Flip Out Over TikToker's "Blasphemous" Holy Trinity Bikini

Tiktok celebrity and model Addison Rae is at the center of controversy after sharing a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a swimsuit that many believe to be blasphemous against the Christian faith. Rae has since deleted the post, but the picture has been downloaded by many and has become a viral sensation.

On August 2nd, the 21-year-old shared an image on Instagram while wearing the "Holy Trinity bikini" from Praying, in collaboration with Adidas. On the top, the word "Father" was printed on the left, while on the right was "Son." Although she only showed off the top of the bikini, in the entire collection, there's "Holy Spirit" at the bottom.

Mostly devout Christians found it to be extremely disrespectful. "All I'm going to say is, these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch," wrote one user, @xaviaerd. Another user, @tallgirlgen, commented, "Best believe sis knew we would come for her…. You don't play with God, period!"

Conservative Christians commenting on the post condemned the Tiktok star's action as they accused her of blasphemy, hoping that she repents for her grave "sin."

Christian influencer Brittany Dawn Nelson made a video as a response to Rae's post, where she said, "I felt sick to my stomach, and the first thought that popped into my head was: 'Why is it always Christians?'"

While some of Addison's fans and followers had supported the look, a user tweeted, "Gorgeous love the swimsuit… I'm a Christian and not offended by it at all… others seem to be scared of a woman's body.". Another user said, "Man, people are really getting offended over this? I think it's time for you all to move on and get over yourselves."

Rae hasn't addressed the situation publicly. However, she quickly deleted the photo from her Instagram after the backlash.

The Holy Trinity bikini is a part of a collection by the cult clothing brand, Praying. The beachwear is described as an "incredible faith powerful healing bikini."

Praying's Instagram account has received a flood of comments calling for the site to be shut down. Despite the backlash, the bikini is still available for sale, pricing at $100. The brand Praying also has other apparel with quotes like "God's Favorite." Many other stars have also been spotted in Praying wear—Olivia Rodrigo, Charli XCX, Chloe Cherry, and Christina Aguilera, to name a few.

Grammy winner, Christina Aguilera, was one of the celebrities who stirred a similar controversy for sporting the Praying beachwear. On her Instagram, she wore the French version of the bikini, with the words "Père," "Fils," and "Esprit Saint," and captioning only the phrase "a religious experience." Although there was no initial reaction, a user tweeted, "IDK, I feel like I've seen hundreds of other people wear the same bikini like Christina Aguilera wore it last week, and nobody batted an eyelid." But now, the post is filled with criticism.

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