Church with No Religion to Open in Reading

Sunday Assembly

The Sunday Assembly, a rapidly growing godless congregation, which was launched 18 months ago in London by comedians Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, is expected to open in Reading on September 28. The founders say that they founded the organization because they love to celebrate life. Currently, there are 26 Sunday Assemblies in different parts of the world.

Tom Colbran, local organizer, said that they are in search of an attractive venue for the meetings where every service will be based on a theme, with a guest speaker and poet who will talk and sing songs respectively to the audience. Colbran also said that the aim of Sunday Assemblies is to leave people feeling vitalized, energized, restored, refreshed, recharged and repaired.

Describing Sunday Assembly Reading as the home of love and compassion where all individuals are accepted, co-founder Jones said, “We welcome everyone from across the world to join our wonderful movement. We didn’t expect to go global – but it sure is fun.”

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