Colleagues Block Gay Lawmaker’s Speech Saying It Violated God’s Law

State Representative Brian Sims
State Representative Brian Sims - Source: Brian Sims for Pennsylvania

On Thursday, colleagues of a lawmaker who is openly gay silenced his attempt to speak about the decision of the Supreme Court to thump down the Defense of Marriage Act.

According to and WHYY News reports, a number of state lawmakers made use of a procedural maneuver to block the remarks of the Representative of the State Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) when he took to the Pennsylvania House floor to talk about the landmark ruling of the high court which determined the federal law that barred the government from recognizing marriages among people of the same sex legalized by states as unconstitutional.

Conservative state Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler), one of the lawmakers, reportedly told WHYY that the comments of Sims can be construed as a violation of the law of God.

Metcalfe said that he did not believe, as a member of the body, that he should allow Sims to express his comments, for it would open up a rebellion against God's law.

On the other hand, Sims said that he was not planning to criticize the detractors of gay marriage. He added that he only wanted to draw attention to the ruling of the court.

Sims also added that it was not his plan to chastise anyone, discuss as to how far Pennsylvania has to go or the state of civil rights in Pennsylvania. The two of the democrats who made an attempt speak in favor of Sims were also silenced. Sims stood up to speak once again, criticizing Metcalfe as well as others who silenced him, towards the close of the session.

Sims is the first lawmaker who is openly gay. Following his election to the state legislature, he assumed office in January.


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