Colorado Republican: Pot is a Hallucinogen That Lets Satan Devour You

Gordon Klingenschmitt

Colorado Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt has yet again said something controversial on his radio show. While in the past his statements have offended even some of his fellow Republicans, this religious right-winger does not seem to think at all before starting one controversy after another. Upset over the fact that Colorado legalized pot in the state last month, Klingenschmitt went on to explain how pot causes hallucinations that are in fact invitations for demons, who go on to possess the concerned users.

According to National Institute of Health, pot itself is not a hallucinogen and it does not cause hallucinations in users. NIH does list certain undesirable side effects of smoking pot however, including dry mouth, red eyes, panic and paranoia, as it also mentions that the last two side effects are more common in first-time users and those who may already have some kind of a psychiatric illness. While steering clear of labeling pot as a hallucinogen, NIH does point out though that pot is sometimes cut with other drugs that may cause hallucinations in users. Having said that, it is quite evident where the myth people consuming pot, hallucinate comes from.

Now, advocates of pot have received Klingenschmitt’s comments rather poorly, especially since he happens to be a politician with a fair amount of influence on his supporters and listeners; his critics believe propagating such myths in the name of morality is plain wrong.

As reported by Right Wing Watch, Klingenschmitt said about pot hallucinations, “When you begin hallucinating, I’m told, and you begin seeing these images, do you think that’s coming from the spirit of God? No. You’re having apparitions and you are seeing and interacting with and welcoming to rule your heart a demonic spirit of drunkenness. That’s not recreational. It’s evil.”

Reportedly, Klingenschmitt referred to Biblical passage 1 Peter 5:8, which delves into the importance of being of sober mind. In conclusion, Klingenschmitt urged his listeners not to consume pot, as doing so would only cause them to open themselves up to being devoured by the devil.

Photo Credits: Politicus USA

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